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By Nikita Chee


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Hello, my Bribie babies. Happy holiday season to you all! As we spend time with each other sharing and making memories, reflect on how beautiful life is when there are friends walking alongside you. I have been doing a lot of this lately and the more I think of it the more grateful I am! Everyone’s social capacity is different. Some people like to spend a lot of time by themselves, focusing on a hobby or working. Others like to socialize every day in a variety of ways. And some like a nice balance in between. Of course, that can change over time depending on long moods.

I always like to use leaving school as a landmark in my history because a lot of things changed around that time. I went from being in a busy place where every day you saw your friends and interacted with a variety of personalities to be a total homebody. It was good for many reasons: learnt more about myself, spent time with Mum, developed life skills. But eventually my mood began to change and I felt lonely for more colour in life. It’s like I had a canvas with only but a sketch of life on it and now it was time to add all the beauty and flamboyance.

This last year has been the beginning of the painting. Working in the hospitality field has seen me meet people from all over the world and it makes me so happy! I get to hear about where they come from and their cultures and why they come to this part of the world. They add colour to my life. But it’s not just the patrons, it’s the staff too! I work for a big company which has many employees and we’re all family really. I have made many friends whom I love and I’m excited to walk life day-by-day with them. It makes me sad to think one day I might not see these people on a daily basis.

But changing paths is part of what makes life so diverse and interesting. And sometimes paths change temporarily only to cross once again further down the track in a new way! How exciting! But the thing is, I think I’m becoming addicted. Once upon a time, I was the ‘balanced’, socialite who loved her friend time but then thoroughly enjoyed retreating to my space at home to recollect and reflect and reorganize.

Now, it’s like, “What’s happening next?” “Whom am I meeting next?” “What adventure next!” I used to enjoy cleaning, now I’m like, “stuff the dishes, where’s the fun at?” I don’t really feel bad, maybe like a tad guilty when things don’t get done, but I feel it’s an important stage in maturation. Or at least, I’ll use that excuse… Overall what I’m discovering is that I honestly love people. You’re all so colourful and beautiful and diverse. You make me a better person by knowing you. This new year, make it important that you expand your friendship circle to people unusual to your clique. It could be race, gender, age. Especially I feel age. And watch your life bloom in unexpected ways. Nikita.

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