Bribie Island Fishing Report April 2017

By Vin Donovan

Fishing spots. Fishing report. Tide Times. Bribie Island. Brisbane

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Tag: Fishing spots. Fishing report. Tide Times. Bribie Island. Brisbane

Fishing Bribie

Now some people just love getting out on the water and enjoying the peace and serenity of the natural environment. Catching a fish or two is a bonus. While others really plan predict and prepare there trips according to the weather moon and seasonal species on offer. No matter which type of angler you are nothing beats a good day out on the water with family or friends catching a feed or just enjoying the many awesome spots this area has to offer.

Featured Image(above): Been some cracker jacks taken recently

Even if you don’t own a boat there are plenty of land-based locations all around Bribie and the surrounding area. A couple of my favourite landbased spots are Bongaree jetty, white patch ledge, Buckley’s ledge, Woorim surf beach and the many canal pathways and public access points to the canals.

From these locations, you can land Jewies, jacks, snapper, sweetlips, bull sharks plus all the usual estuary fish and more. Again knowing the right rigs, tides, moons and baits to use will help you land some quality fish. Barges also run across the bay to Moreton Island. Camping gear can be transported easily on the barge for an overnight trip or a week.

The barge drops you right at the Tangalooma wrecks campground. Camp permits must be bought if you plan to stay a night or two. Booking permits and checking campsite availability is a must… Crabbing for both mud and sand crabs can be very successful without a boat as well.

Fishing spots. Fishing report. Tide Times. Bribie Island. Brisbane

Nick Pickering with a nice passage estuary cod

There are many creeks and canals to throw some pots out for a muddie. Walking pots out on the low tide mark and throwing them out into waist deep water then going back on the next low tide to check them will get you a feed of sandies. White patch to Buckleys hole is a great spot to do this.

At the moment in the passage, there are numerous amounts of both species. Using good quality pro pots and fresh mullet, fish frames or chook carcasses the best bet. Fishing at the moment has been pretty good with great catches of most species being caught. We are finally close to the east coast current pushing the last of the warm water down the coastline until next summer.

Over the next couple of months the current will drop off dramatically for a month or two, in turn, we will be receiving the cold water currents pushing up the east coast again bringing the usual winter species. Migrating pelagics will be heading north again up the coast, meaning plenty of offshore fishing opportunities with little to no current.

Fishing spots. Fishing report. Tide Times. Bribie Island. Brisbane

Kids love an afternoon up the passage checking the pots

There have been some beautiful longtail tuna being caught in the bay but most schools have been fairly finicky using 10 to 20g slugs,3inch minnow plastics and 70mm to 90mm stickbaits getting the most results. Always upgrade your trebles and split rings as these fish require the toughest of terminal tackle.

I use a 4-6kg stick with a 4000 size reel loaded up with 300m of 15-20lb braid.running a 10m plus wind on leader of 20 to 25lb, then a 30 to 40lb bite leader will enable you to really put some hurt on them. Sharks follow the tuna schools ferociously sometimes making it almost impossible to land any. Going heavier tackle makes it impossible to cast the smaller profile lures,going bigger on the lure size means most times no hits. Tuna move very quickly, and shut down if you don’t approach the school at the right direction according to the wind and currents.

Being super quite and turning your motor off and drifting into the feeding school of fish the best way to hook up off the cape marlin, dolphin fish, wahoo, spanish mackeral and tuna being taken along the 80 to 120m mark from Caloundra wide to the bottom end of deep tempest is generally where I look. But fish being fish can turn up anywhere. Find the bait and generally that’s where the fish are.

Down Rigging livies or slow trolling livies is one of the most deadly ways to hook an offshore brute. The reef systems off the cape have also had some great catches being taken. Moses perch, redthroat sweetlip, pigfish, nannagi, blue and brown Maori cod, coral trout and red emperor are just some of the northern species making there way off the coast, plus all the usual offshore species getting caught.

Fishing spots. Fishing report. Tide Times. Bribie Island. Brisbane

An afternoons catch off the Bongaree ledge

Combiouro point once again has changed, that terrible sandbank thats been there for the last couple of years seems to be gradually moving, making way for not a bad little channel right in close to Moreton be very wary though as tidal changes, swell direction and wind direction can change the conditions dramatically in an instant. In the passage, the sand and mud crabs have been thick.

Sandies have been widespread and the muddies seem to be well up the creeks and rivers. The passage is fishing well at the moment with all the usaul species on the bite, moses perch and grass sweetlip have been thick from the bridge to the jetty. Enjoy the next couple of months as it cools down and dont destroy what you come to enjoy…tight lines!

Tide Times

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