Fishing Report Bribie Island May 2017

By Vin Donovan

Fishing report Bribie Island. Fishing Spots. Tide times.

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Tags: Fishing report Bribie Island. Fishing Spots. Tide times.

Fishing Bribie

Well, sometimes the weather is good , and sometimes it’s not. The last month’s weather was controlled by Tropical Cyclone Debbie, wreaking havoc, as it slowly moved southwards, along the entire East Coast.

The first point of main contact was the Whitsunday Islands. Wind gusts of 142 knots or 263km were recorded at Hamilton Island. The intensity of the wind was made worse,as it was a very slow approaching system.

Featured Image(above): a Nice mixed bag of reefies

That built up severe ferocity on very warm Coral Sea waters. This system had average wind gusts over 100 knots for nearly half the then proceeded to dump phenomenal amounts of rainfall, from Airlie Beach right down to Northern New South Wales. Rockhampton, Logan the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales seemed to wear the brunt of the floods. Devastating towns and low lying areas…

The damage to the Northern Queensland farming industry was once again hit hard, as most farming areas in the Cyclone’s path were destroyed by hurricane strength winds. The overall recovery costs of rebuilding towns is expected to be in the hundreds of millions. The worst part is the damage caused by the runoff as the floods subside.

The Great Barrier Reef, Moreton and Hervey Bay once again will be under fire from a blanket of sedimentation and agricultural pesticides. Which in turn reduces water quality, smothering pristine estuaries and reefs with toxic materials. Not to mention the tonnes of rubbish that’s been swept into our pristine waterways, along with the countless sewage treatment water runoff sites being released into vital estuary systems all throughout the bay and coastlines every day.

Unfortunately there seems to be no real action taken by anyone, and yet again the natural environment will ultimately pay the price. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s natural wonders, that also supports a multi-million dollar tourism industry. With cyclones, mining, floods, agricultural runoff and sewage wastewaters will we still have a Reef in 40 years..? I believe that if more drastic actions aren’t taken immediately, then maybe not. Look at the Qantas disaster, that type of poisoning is taking place right in our backyard. There would be countless other cases like this occurring every year.

Fishing report Bribie Island. Fishing Spots. Tide times.Fishing report Bribie Island. Fishing Spots. Tide times.

Quality muddies from the passage(left) and Bretto with some nice whiting n bream taken from the passage(right)

It is absolutely disgusting how some people and businesses have no regard for our natural environment. It’s time the authorities and the government make stricter laws and penalties for those found guilty of these environmental disasters. The environment and the waterways, in my book, always should come first. And every individual should try and do their part to help clean up and preserve and protect our beautiful coastlines and oceans. Well, the fishing and crabbing around the local area have been going well.

With winter just around the corner,and the EAC pushing cold southern waters north, this means the water temperature will drop. Whales migrate north again and hopefully we get some beautiful weather patterns to head out fishing. Plenty of sand crabs throughout the Bay and Passage. Some good quality muddies coming from up the Passage. Flatties widespread from Bongaree to Caloundra.

The bridge has been holding some nice Jewies, cod, squire and sweeties. Live baits and big fresh cut baits usually get the bigger fish.. Working plastics and vibes will also produce the goods. Out in the Bay, the Tuna and Mackerel numbers have been consistent. The offshore fishing has been great with good quality mixed reefies getting caught.

Pillies, cuttlefish, squid, tailor, bonito and whiting the best baits to use. Standard bottom dropping paternoster rigs and floating rigs getting the most fish. Using decent 3 way swivels, lumo beads and fluorocarbon leader will ensure your paternoster rig won’t twist up and tangle. In the Bay, Cod, Cobia and some nice Snapper getting caught.

Once again another great month to get out and enjoy the local waterways and beaches, and hopefully catch a feed or two. Safe boating and great fishing…

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