Fishing report Bribie Island – September 2015

By Trevor at Tackle inn

Fishing report. Tide Times. Fishing Spots. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Moreton Bay

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tags: Fishing report. Tide Times. Fishing Spots. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Moreton Bay

It could be a good season for fishing out in the deep water with a Pearl Perch coming in at 4.3KG on a 10KG line by G. Loimaranta, this would have been a good fight on such a light line, caught just off Caloundra wide.

So, hopefully, it will be better in September as the weather warms up. In the passage there has been some good fish being caught with a 3.2 kg Flathead caught only 500m up the beach from Tackle In by Kevin Condon. Bit of a lull on winter Whiting as the summer Whiting are starting to come in patchy.

But you can still catch a feed in the passage where there are Flathead, Bream, Sole and the odd Taylor which were a bit slow this year and not as good as last year, but there has been a couple of good Taylor caught last month.

Fishing report. Tide Times. Fishing Spots. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Moreton Bay

So all in all August wasn’t too bad, keep your lines wet and catch a feed for tea! Preferred bait has been squid, wrigglers, fowl gut and pillies.

Pop in and see Trevor for an up to date report and any baits, plastics, worms or even a new rod that you may need. See you next month, Trevor at Tackle inn, Bellara. 3408 7997

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