Fishing report Bribie Island

By Vin Donovan

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No one around at the southern tip of Moreton

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Hot steamy days and stormy afternoons were what February’s weather seemed to bring us. Bribie once again seemed to miss the worst of the storm cells and the destructive fronts. Northerly winds predominantly blew hot air from the northwestern parts of Australia.

With all this hot weather and warm winds meant plenty of time enjoying the lovely cool water of Bribie Island and Moreton Island. At present, the water in the passage is beautiful and clear, and around Moreton Island, the water is amazingly crystal clear. So waiting for the high tide was the main priority for February. And if it’s a bit blowy on one side of Bribie, go to the opposite side and generally, conditions will be calmer. Living in such a beautiful place means most days are spent enjoying the beach, sunsets and appreciating what our backyard has to offer.

The ocean always has such a calming relaxing aura. Even if your day wasn’t that great, sitting beside the ocean can be all you need to promote positive feelings and help to relax and unwind from life’s many pressures.

Vin and Morgan with a nice little Golden
Trevally from the wrecks

Even if your not that into fishing, just relaxing in the boat is another great way to spend the afternoons and weekends. It’s a pretty well-known fact that 10% of fisherman catch 90% of the fish. And it’s true fishing is definitely a fine art form which requires countless days, months and years spent on the water studying moons, tides, tackle, rigs, techniques, winds, currents, plus many many more factors and variables which in turn can increase your catch. Generally, over the years you will soon work out what works best and also what times and conditions tend to be better for certain species.

Writing up a fishing diary is a pretty good way to start to monitor all these factors. That way you will soon notice certain patterns or weather conditions that tend to fish or crab better. The date, the moon phase, the wind and weather conditions, the location, the bait or lures used, the tide, your results and when the best bite period was are all great factors to note down in your fishing diary.

After a few years of doing this, you will definitely get a better understanding of what works best when. It’s amazing to see how much information you will gain in doing so. This, in turn, will hopefully give you the information you need to be in the 10% that catch 90% of the fish? Now to what’s being caught around Bribie Island and the bay.

The banana prawns have been pretty widespread at the moment with the passage, Caboolture river and the pine river producing the goods. The deeper holes are generally where these guys school up. The muddies have picked up quite a bit with good numbers and size crabs getting caught in the same locations as the prawns. The fishing has been great around the passage and creeks.

The prawns are getting bigger

When the prawns are running you will find a lot of fish wait all year for these couple of months to gorge themselves on these tasty crustaceans. A lot of bigger fish also enter the passage and creeks to join in on the action. Jewies, sweetlips, squire, trevally, queenfish, mangrove jacks, cod, javelin fish have all been caught in the passage over the last month. Along with the standard estuary species like whiting, bream and flatties. The sandies have been quite good as well, its just a case of knowing where to find them. Fresh mullet and fish frames are the best for the crabs.

Paul Emery with a nice little Black Marlin

The bigger the tides and stronger the run, the better results with the crabs. Outside the fishing has been great although the previous month of weather hasn’t been that great for offshore fishing. Marlin, mackerel, tuna, dolphin fish and wahoo getting caught off the cape, once again find the bait or the temperature lines and that’s where the fish are.

There have been some beautiful reefies getting caught also with flinders, Roberts, Brennan’s, Tempest, wide Caloundra and the coffee rocks holding some great fish. So don’t destroy what you come to enjoy and get out and take pleasure in our great outdoors.

Tide Times

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