Fishing Report – February 26, 2021


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Hi everyone, hopefully, you all have had a chance to go fishing as it’s been a real mixed bag recently with quite a few decent fish getting caught. The Mackerel are in good numbers still, along with good Kingfish around a lot of the channel markers, again live baits and small metal lures are both catching fish.

Also, reports are coming in of a few Marlin and Mahi-Mahi off Cape Moreton around the fish attracting devices, now we just need some good conditions to head out for them. In the passage, the mangrove islands near the Avon wreck have been producing some great Bream, Mangrove Jack and Garfish. Peeled prawns under a float with a small hook for the Gar and fresh squid for the Bream and Jacks with as little lead as possible, if any at all. Let your bait float as naturally as possible as you will catch a lot more fish this way.The canals have seen a lot of Trevally, both Big Eye and GTs moving in with the prawns. Live Herring or Hardiheads doing the trick on these, again, as light as possible with the tackle will catch more fish.

Some good reports of Squid, Sweetlip and Squire under the Bribie bridge, with fresh squid and prawns choice baits. The Bongaree Jetty has had a lot of Mackerel and small Tuna getting caught on it recently, floating pilchards in the early morning is the best option. Also, quite a few nice Tusk fish recently have been taken around the pylons from the jetty too. These are an excellent table fish, live yabbies or fresh prawns working well for these. Anyway that’s all, for now, remember to wet a line and relax.