Fishing report, fishing spots and tide times

By Vin Donovan

Fishing Report.  Tide Times. Fishing Spots. Bribie Island. Brisbane

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Tags: Fishing Report.  Tide Times. Fishing Spots. Bribie Island. Brisbane


So Christmas is almost here once again. That means a couple of things, warm water and quickly changing weather patterns. If heading out over the next couple of weeks make sure you monitor the weather patterns and storm fronts that will be most certainly coming through.

Featured Image(above): Papa Vin with his trophy Snapper

Also, make sure your vessel is in a seaworthy condition and complies with all current marine park regulations and restrictions. As the authorities will be and should be policing the waterways and canals. Anyway, now back to the fish. There is some good summer whiting showing up in the usual spots. Woorim beach, the passage and Godwin beach would be a good place to start.

The jacks have well and truly started smashing lures and live baits in the Ningi, Elimbah, Meldale and Coochin creeks. The Bribie Bridge is holding a number of species at the moment. The main problem is the strong run. Bottom or top of the tides works best. Flatties getting caught throughout the entire passage, with some absolute monsters among them. If over 75 cm take a photo and release them back safely.

Fishing Report.  Tide Times. Fishing Spots. Bribie Island. Brisbane

Lil Vin with Mac Tuna and School Mackerel

Lures pillys and live baits are the pick, a nice run of early muddies for Christmas found in all the local creeks and passage keeping in mind size and bag limits. Plenty of bait fish in the bay which means tuna and mackerel, jigging the beacons and sight casting at schools would be the bet. Kingfish, dolphin fish, Spanish mackerel, Wahoo, Marlin and the odd sailfish will be making their way down the coastline as we speak.

Trolling lures, skirts and live/skip baits will be the best. Also, consider live bait drift fishing out between the 40m to 100m line off the coast. The offshore reefs will be holding plenty of quality table fish and By Vin Donovan pelagic most days. The current will be a problem, coral trout red emperor, nannagi and red throats have also been a lot more common down this way. Slow drifting along contour lines and reef edges should be a definite option over the next couple of months.

Anchoring up on a nice patch of reef and berley hard, floating down pillies, cut baits and livies will produce quality fish. Inside of the bay is holding some really nice snapper, Cobia and big reef jacks.

Fishing Report.  Tide Times. Fishing Spots. Bribie Island. BrisbaneFishing Report.  Tide Times. Fishing Spots. Bribie Island. Brisbane

Ty with a Nice King Fish caught on whole squid(left) and  Lil Vin and a couple of Sandies(right) 

The ledges, wrecks. Quality GT, kings and Spanish Mackeral from the reefs, headlands and shoals. Anyway, keep an eye on the weather, stay safe and alert out at sea, follow all marine park restrictions and have a great safe Christmas and new year.

Tide Times

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