Fishing Report – July 2, 2021


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Hi there everyone, hopefully, you’ve managed to get out on the water recently. I’ve had so many reports coming in and photos of some really good catches. Firstly I will start in the passage. The Blue Swimmer Crabs have been in good numbers and some really big males have been caught, so it’s definitely worth a try for these. Claude as usual with his excellent knowledge of the local waterways, has been getting some awesome Tailor at night trolling on the flats. He has been in the canals as well, chasing mangrove jacks with great success as in the photo. Thanks Claude, your information has been priceless. Also if you are chasing Mangrove Jacks, Ningi creek is definitely worth a try as well judging by this monster 70cm specimen caught on a small Zerek hardbody lure by one of the locals. Very impressive at that size they fight extremely hard, well done mate! Also, the upper reaches of the passage have seen some really good Flathead turning up. This ripper was caught on a live yabby on the drift. Yabbies are excellent bait in the passage if you can pump them, most sandbanks hold good yabbies. Remember though, only take enough for what you need, there are bag limits on everything and if you look after the ecosystem they will be around for a lot longer. Tailor also starting to show up on the open beaches along with the odd Mulloway out wide north of Moreton Island. The pearl perch are on and Snapper as well, with fresh or live squid doing the trick. Jennifer {pictured} managed to get into some nice grassy Sweetlip around Cowan over at Moreton Island as well, nice work Jennifer. It’s great to see the ladies getting in a few fish. Plenty of Winter Whiting around the cockle banks and a few on the point at Skirmish on the southern end of the island. Another interesting catch was a solid 40cm plus Summer Whiting caught on a 5inch Zman plastic. You will always find a few Summer Whiting around in the upper reaches. Anyway, that’s all, for now, relax and wet a line! till next time, hope you have a great school holiday break!