Fishing Report – March 12, 2021


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Hi there everyone! I hope you have all been well and getting outside to wet a line. There’s been plenty of rain over the last few weeks, despite that, I have received good reports of fish being caught. The Long Tail Tuna have been making an appearance on the northeastern side of Bribie with some good fish being taken there recently. Plenty of Mackerel is in the passage with Douggie getting this nice 65cm specimen off the boat ramp at Sylvain beach. He was floating live herring. Claude has also been getting some great fish around Moreton Island and a few decent bull sharks. Thanks Claude for the fish photos, we appreciate it here at Bribie Bait and Tackle. Also further in the passage and in particular the canals, have seen a number of huge Trevally. This Golden Trevally was taken by Brendan on a lure which is a really good effort, considering the size of it. Another great way to get a feed is by flicking Zman soft plastics over the shallow flats. Harry and Dom have been getting excellent results by using these, both taking quality fish. Anyway, that’s all for now relax and wet a line.