Fishing Report – September 11, 2020


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Hi Everyone…. The weather has been fantastic for fishing and boating over the last couple of weeks, especially since the westerly winds have been dying off. Finally, there have been good numbers of Tailor turning up in the passage at night. Harold caught these nice ones in shallow water best results on lures, trolled behind a boat and pilchards used with Gang hooks which we supply at Bribie Bait and Tackle. They also are turning up on Woorim Beach not as plentiful but good sizes. Mia caught this 60cm Tailor early morning whilst throwing metal slugs along the surf beach.

Still, good numbers of Flathead and Bream along the edges of the weed banks, caught on small poppers, like the Bassday Sugar Pen 75mm with Assist hooks. Still, plenty of numbers of Winter Whiting on the Cockle banks with most people bagging out easily within an hour and some really good Summer Whiting along the southern end of Woorim beach and around Skirmish Point caught on blood worms which we have in the shop and live Yabbies, which are plentiful in the passage on the flats.

With the school holidays approaching it is a prime time to get out there and catch a good feed of Whiting, please only take what you need!

Just after the full moon is a great time to wet a line and catch some fish, remembering the best times to catch a feed is early morning and late afternoon, when there are very little noise and traffic on the water. Hopefully, with the improving weather anglers can have good conditions to catch plenty of fish. That’s all for now, stay safe and remember even if you are not catching fish, it is a great way to relax!