FISHING REPORT – September 22, 2023


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Sand Whiting has been the most targeted fish this month, with lots of anglers managing to find a feed. Blood worms, yabbies, squid, and prawns are working well. Favourite land base spots have been Red Beach, Skirmish Point, in front of IGA, Sandstone Point Flats, Turner Camp Road and White Patch. Fishing the run-up tide has worked best from low to high as the whiting work their way up the banks following the tide. Boat anglers drifting Lime Pocket, Red Beach and in 8 to 9 meters depth of Woorim are also coming back with good catches. Light lines 4 to 6lb on whippy rods are the favourite. QLD rules allow 30 limit and a minimum of 23cm long, Tailor schools have been smaller than usual this time of the year, I believe the lack of rain has been the main reason, the bait hasn’t entered the passage hardy heads being the primary target for tailor and snapper.

Instead, we have extra-large tailor in small schools chasing mullet and whiting which is a great trade-off, A lot of Tailors are lost at the boat as they are just too powerful to muscle into the boat. Recommend upsizing the line to 30lb to have a chase of landing these brutes. Snapper is late coming into the passage but again without the bait in the passage, the snapper are feeding out in the bay, With good catches being reported around Moreton, Mud and Peel Island. Bongaree Jetty has seen many fish species caught, and always a surprise what can be landed in the Michael and I managing 70cm plus Flathead land base, ganged or Snell pilchards and squid work well. I love the Double Clutch when working the sand bars. Flathead has been a bit quiet, with mainly bigger units around. The low tide seems to be working best. QLD 2.0 rules for Dusty Flathead are a minimum size of 40cm with a Maximum size of 75cm with flathead growing to 1.3 meters, 5 Possession Limit. middle of the day. Mick caught and landed a 75cm Mulloway off the jetty. Great Catch.