Fishing Report and tide times Bribie Island – Jan 2019

By Vin Donovan

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Wouldn’t mind going back to the good old days when you could drive through most forestry, beaches or national parks around southeast Queensland without having to pay for permits or fees. Most camping or fishing spots were relatively quiet, and usually, you would be by yourself or have little to no traffic or people around. Camping at Fraser Island, Moreton Island, Double Island point or Bribie Island on the holidays was never that busy. Camping was a great way to escape for a week or two and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, nowadays with the number of people camping and fishing, the costs of permits and fees, the number of restrictions being introduced and numerous other factors it’s no wonder why the good old days were so bloody good. Finding those beautiful quiet camping and fishing spots nowadays are getting harder and harder to find. Usually, nowadays we try and get away midweek, off-peak or find some of those quiet hidden spots that haven’t been discovered yet.

Mixed reefies from the Caloundra 12 Mile

Having a boat is great, as it gets you away from the crowds and usually, you can find somewhere nice and quiet to set up camp. So yet again another year has gone by and the holiday period is in full swing. The fishing in the passage at present has been great with a wide variety of species being taken. Over the Christmas break try to fish early afternoon through to early morning as the passage gets pretty hectic during the day with boats, jet skis, and traffic.

The duskys have been widespread throughout with some great size fish getting caught and also good numbers around. Plastics, hardbodys, and pillies the best bet. The summer whiting also has been around in good numbers and size. Live worms for the whiting. The jacks and cod also have really started to fire up with the warmer weather. Plastics, hardbodys and live baits the go.

Fishing report. Tide times. Fishing spots. Bribie island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Queensland

Glassed out days and great fishing

Look for snaggy, rocky deep sections of the river with plenty of cover and shade. Some nice sweetlip, moses perch, parrot and squire coming from the coffee rock patches and ledges throughout the passage. It’s quite surprising how many patches of reefy rubbly patches are actually in the passage. There have been some great mixed reefies getting caught on the shallows around Cape Moreton and the Caloundra 2 to 12-mile areas. Sweetlip, cod, moses, perch, Maori cod, squire, parrot, nanagui and the odd legal red emperor or coral trout being caught.

Nice duskys and cod from the passage

We generally floatline the shallows with 20- 30lb braid and 40-50lb fluorocarbon leaders.6- 10kg spin sticks and 5000 size reels. On the pelagic scene, there has been some nice wahoo, Spanish mackerel, dolphin fish and marlin being caught off the cape. In the bay, there have been some nice spotty and school mackerel around. There’s also been some big longtail tuna and cobia working around the schools also. Cod, snapper, sweetlip, jacks and big parrot getting caught in the bay.

So hope you guys had a great Christmas and new years break. Tight lines and remember “don’t destroy what you came to enjoy “

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