Fishing Report and Tide Times Bribie Island June 2018

By Vin Donovan

Bribie Island Fishing report. Tide Time. fishing Spots. Moreton Bay. Brisbane.

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Tags: Bribie Island Fishing report. Tide Time. fishing Spots. Moreton Bay. Brisbane.

While spending so much time fishing and boating most of us crazy fisherman/ fisherwomen understand the reasons why. Once you get hooked on the whole fishing, camping and boating lifestyle you will be generally hooked for life. With so many beautiful eating species of fish, crab and prawn, and not to mention the absolutely beautiful spots and locations around Bribie Island, its no wonder why fishing, camping and boating has really become so popular over the last ten year’s or so.

Over the next few months, the mozzies and midges will disappear, making it a great time to camp a couple of days up the passage or the ocean beach. Firepits have been placed in the ocean beach campsites over the last year making it a somewhat better place to camp now because of it. There’s nothing better than a nice campfire on a winters night up the beach. Fires are great to cook on, they act as a light and heater, are great at keeping mozzies and bities away from the camp and the good old fire is basically the outback tv. Always check campsite availability and book permits well in advance if you are planning a camping trip.

The fishing around Bribie has been really good once again and in reality, every day and every month of the year will generally fish well. As the seasons come and go some species move in and others move out, but more than often they will hang around the entire year and will feed throughout the day or night. Knowing where, when, which certain rigs to use, the tackle, techniques and bait selection will be important to ensure you catch a few. In the passage, the flattys have been caught throughout and there has been great numbers and size fish around.

Bribie Island Fishing report. Tide Time. fishing Spots. Moreton Bay. Brisbane.

Mixed bag from off the cape

Plastics and hardbodies producing great results. Pillies, live baits and prawns working well for the baits. Bream have been thick of late and should really start to pick up over the next month. Try the bridge pylons, oyster leases, up the creeks on the deep rocky bends and also the 112’s. The squire have also moved into the passage with good numbers getting taken. Try the bridge, ripples,112’s and any deep rocky ledge throughout the passage. Still, a few good summer whiting, try the mouths of the creeks on live worms and yabbies. Jewies on live baits around the bridge,112’s and the Bongaree ledge.

The longtails and mack tuna have been smashing the bait schools off Woorim Beach and in the bay – although have been very spooky to catch. Offshore the fishing has been good also with all the local systems holding good quality and a variety of species. Over the next month or so should see the first of the humpback whales travelling up the east coast, which means water temperatures should start to drop off a lot also.

This will really start to fire up the snapper and pearlies in close. Caloundra wide, deep tempest, the containers and the 60 -90m ground east of Flinders and Hutchies a great spot to look for both species. This is also a great time to target the big bay snapper. Fresh squid, tailor, diver whiting, tuna and big pillies make great baits for the big 10kg plus models. The bigger the baits the better.

Bribie Island Fishing report. Tide Time. fishing Spots. Moreton Bay. Brisbane.

Still, some quality muddies around

The wrecks, artificials and the ledges throughout the bay are generally where we target these prized trophy snapper. So grab the rods and camping gear and get out and enjoy this lovely part of the year. And don’t destroy what you come to enjoy. Well yet again another months gone by. We have had pretty reasonable weather throughout the month of May, with a few days of strong south to south easterlies in between the relatively calm periods. Over the next couple of months, we are more likely to see slow-moving weather systems bringing us hopefully high-pressure systems with no wind and calm conditions. But as we all know this isn’t always the case knowing what certain weather patterns are coming and planning your offshore trips around the good weather is generally the best way to have a safe and comfortable trip.

When heading out offshore always make sure all GPS, flares, life jackets and all other safety equipment is up to date and working correctly. Always check your battery system and wiring to make sure batteries are fully charged and wiring hasn’t been damaged. Check fuel lines,primer bulbs and steering system for any damage. Also log into Bribie Island Marine Rescue or Redcliffe Coastguard with your trip particulars, people on board and destination etc.

Know your fish species, bag limits and any marine park green zones. Looking after your catch the right way will ensure when you get home from your trip,all your fish will be in great condition. The best way is to have a nice clean esky full of an ice and seawater slurry. Fresh fish in an icy cold saltwater slurry will last up to 3 days or longer. Generally we fillet fish up the next day after the trip. You can also brain spike or bleed the fish which can also make your catch taste better. While you don’t necessarily need to bleed all species I find that bleeding all fish is the best bet. Once again it’s personal preference.

Tide Times

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