Fishing Report and tide times Bribie Island – Sept 2018

By Vin Donovan

Fishing report. Tide times. Fishing spots. Bribie island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Queensland

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Tags: Fishing report. Tide times. Fishing spots. Bribie island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Queensland

Its hard to believe these days how busy Bribie has become in the last decade or so. With the increase in visitors, unfortunately, has seen an increase in rubbish and litter throughout our pristine waterways and beaches. And what’s even harder to believe is the absolute grubs out there that throw litter, dump litter and seem to have no respect for the environment or its creatures. On nearly every occasion either up the passage, over at Moreton or up the Bribie surf beach we will see and pick up sometimes bags of rubbish and glass.

Featured Image(above): Mixed reefies from Caloundra 12 mile

That’s only what you see on the surface, after doing quite a few free dives around the local area has truly shown me the true extent of this problem. It’s hard to understand how some people think these days and it is up to everybody to ensure they take all their rubbish home with them and do what they can to look after the national park and the surrounding areas. With the entire Moreton Bay marine park and the great barrier reef under threat from agricultural and sewage treatment runoffs, population increase, habitat destruction, mining and pollutants, does the local government actually have any action or plans to preserve and protect these natural areas from this gradually worsening problem?

Well with the current state of our government who knows. With the predictions of Australia’s massive population increase over the next 20 years or so, will the South-East’s rivers, waterways and catchments handle all these pressures? Another question is will everyday Australians get to vote on real issues that will affect there family’s quality of life and their future? Like the current immigration figures, the overpriced electricity, water, fuel, rates, regos, taxes etc, schooling and medical expenses, the rise in crimes and drugs. It appears like they are all full of promises but seem to deliver no certainty or results, just a political circus that absolutely drives me crazy. And obviously, the majority of people feel the same way, It is just so frustrating.

Fishing report. Tide times. Fishing spots. Bribie island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Queensland

Cruising back from Caloundra

Fishing report. Tide times. Fishing spots. Bribie island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Queensland

Cowan Cowan World War 2 bunkers 

Four hundred and forty-four million dollars was allocated to the great barrier reef foundation for the restoration and preservation of the great barrier reef an amazing wonder of the world. Hopefully, this funding gets used specifically and purposely to ensure the best possible outcome for the reef and the nearby world heritage listed Fraser Island. Ok whoops, a little bit off topic so lets back to some fishing. From the depths of the ocean to the top of the streams finding the right combo for the job is definitely a key aspect to any successful fishing trip.

Knowing what rod, reel and line combination to use for what specific styles of fishing you will be doing is sometimes tricky and requires thought.Using quality fishing gear and lighter than usual tackle really brings the experience of sports fishing to life. With so many choices of gear around and plenty of brands to choose from where do you start. First of all, decide on a certain reel size and line weight you are going to run. Shimanos, Daiwa and Penn probably do the best quality reels on the market today.

Investing the money into a quality reel always pays off in the long run. Then take your reel of choice to a few local tackle stores and match it up with the rods available to decide on the actual weight, length, material and feeling of the rod and reel together. Having a few rods to choose from will give you more options. Its amazing today to see some of the amazingly light but super strong 50 to 80lb spin, jig, troll, or bottom fishing combos available. Some of the bigger spin reels can hold up to 800m of braid and up to 3km of braid on the overheads.

When spooling up with braids make sure the braid is spun onto the spool as tight as possible. Throw a couple of half hitches over the spool after tying the main knot to the spool at first and this will prevent any slippage of the braid. Around the area over the last month has seen plenty of dusky flattys on the chew, over the next couple of months as the weather gets warmer is a great time to target these fish on pretty much anything. Livies, pilchards, prawns, plastics or hardbodys, the flattys generally aren’t fussy.

Always keep baits moving. Heaps of winter whiting in the bay and passage. Move around till you find some fish, then drift the area. Peeled prawns, squid, worms all work well. Bream widespread throughout the passage. There’s been no rainfall and crystal clear waters mean the bream and flattys are heading well upstream into the brackish waters. It is surprising how far up they will go. Even big tailor, cod, jew and gts will also head well upstream in search of easy pickings. Offshore the fishing has been quite good as the weather’s been under 15knts for a fair few weeks now.

Snapper,pearlys, cod, sweetlip, kingies, moses perch, gold spot wrasse and jew being caught around the local Cape Moreton reefs. In the bay nice snapper on the wrecks and ledges. Whiting, bonito, pillies, cuttlefish heads and tailor a good choice of baits. Not many crabs around at present but still a few if you put in the time. So as the weather starts to warm up look forward to the summer species soon. Tight lines and don’t destroy what you come to enjoy.

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