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Bribie Island Children's choir club, group

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Parents who have been looking for extra, no-cost activities that their children can enjoy may want to consider the Ecumenical Children’s Choir. According to Margaret Grove, the choir which has been operating since 2011 has included more than eighty children from all faiths and cultures from Bribie to Caboolture. “The general age range for our singers is from four to early teens (and we have had children both older or younger than that),” she said. “There is no cost associated with the choir.

Uniforms have been donated and music is provided. Parents are welcome to stay with their children during the choir practices if they so desire (and sing along if they want to as well). Over the years, the children who have been available have sung at retirement villages on Bribie three times a year during the children’s school holidays and in other locations as the opportunities arise.

This year, we are striving to achieve a special project where the children will use their singing for the benefit of others in the wider community,” said Margaret. She said choir practices are held at the Uniting Church in Webster Street, Bongaree from 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm every Monday of the school year. “The children are able to work towards gaining badges for special skills learned throughout the year.

If any of your children love to sing, they are really welcome to join the choir. Singing is a beautiful gift and the more we use the gift, the better it becomes. There is no audition necessary, just enthusiasm!” For further information, please telephone Margaret Grove on 5497 5777.

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