8 Secrets to Styling Your Bathroom


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1. WALL COLOURS You can always change the colour of paint – perhaps a stronger, darker tone or even a fresh white. So, by keeping the floor and wall tiles very neutral, you can easily introduce colour in the form of paint to the walls. This means that the look of your bathroom can be freshened up and changed quite dramatically over the course of just a weekend.

2. TILES It can be expensive to tile a bathroom from floor to ceiling and most prefer to only use tiles in the wet areas and have plastered walls that can be painted. It is a good idea to have a self contained shower, for example at the end of the bathroom or even in a separately designed corner or area.

3. NO CLUTTER The last thing you want is for your bathroom to be cluttered. Ensure that the tray, bowl or dish that you employ has a purpose and that your styling vignette doesn’t get too busy.

4. BATHROOM STYLING ACCESSORIES Do you love to shop for bathroom accessories? There are so many lovely pieces that are available now. Mother of Pearl trays, gorgeous organic shaped timber bowls, or delicate porcelain dishes. Whatever your style, there are items that you can add to transform the look of the space.

5. FREESTANDING BATHS can look lonely without a timber stool. A handy seat or just a spot to leave the soap tray, whichever use you have for it there is no doubt that the texture and colour in the timber is a nice contrast in a simple white or grey bathroom.

6. WATER AND ELECTRICITY DO NOT MIX and there are very definite guidelines which you absolutely must follow when installing a pendant in a bathroom. LED strip lighting underneath a wall hung vanity is a good idea as this can be left on at night and can be just enough to see by in the dark and saves you turning on the lights, waking yourself up completely and then not being able to get back to sleep!

7. TOWELS are another way to introduce some colour, even if you have white towels with a trim colour, these will give the room personality and just as important to the success

8. BATHROOM STYLING Remember though that the mantra of ‘keep it simple, decorate and at the end take one item away’ should be employed here. Finally, if you have the space, some statement greenery is the perfect complement to a bathroom.