Banksia Garden Club – Open garden day

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

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When I first met keen gardener and Banksia Garden Club member Joanne Gough, I was attending an “Open Garden Day” at the home of club president, Desley Horsfall, and in what could best be described as rather inclement weather which certainly makes for less than ideal conditions to take a stroll around someone’s beautiful garden.

As it so happens, that day was on my mind when on another rainy day recently, I had the opportunity to attend a “Come and Share” day at Joanne’s home in Sandstone Point and so I happened to mention the similarity to the weather conditions on the day at Desley’s home and Joanne replied with, “It must be your fault then.” Believe me, Joanne, my contact list does not extend that far. Yes, it may have been wet on the day but I have to admit that the moisture did not prevent those who were there from enjoying a walk through Joanne’s rather extended garden.

I have used the word extended because, as well as the well-kept areas within their yard, Joanne has taken on the task of maintaining the plants that abound in the adjoining parkland. Joanne’s husband Ian explained to me that when they were looking to move to move into the area, they were definite about finding a property with a larger than average garden. ‘Joanne just loves being out in the garden and so, when we found this house with an area that had already been cared for by the previous owner Ken Robertson, it was perfect,’ he said.

‘It is not unusual for Joanne to spend most of the day gardening and just coming inside for a break and something to eat,’ Ian told me. Joanne describes the beautiful flourishing area as a cottage garden and she pointed out the wonderful variety of plants which include tomato plants, herbs, fruit trees, and flowers. ‘I have basically worked on a theme of food and flowers and I enjoy seeing the people who walk through the park helping themselves to a tomato or a few herbs,’ said Joanne.

‘When we came here almost eighteen months ago, I was a bit worried about whether the area would be subjected to vandalism but there has been almost no damage done to the plants or ornaments. I also have an Alsatian dog which I think helps,’ she added. Even though the weather most likely did keep a few from attending, there were still many club members who came along and, as well as having the chance to marvel at the dedicated effort that Joanne has made to keep the whole area looking so good, they also satisfied their hunger with the great array of finger food that Joanne had laid out.

As the photos which accompany this article show, Joanne Gough is a true “green thumb” whose devotion to all aspects of gardening is to be commended.

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