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probiotics, health and nutrition

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Is your gut healthy? If your gut is not healthy you are not healthy. The health begins in the gut and the gut health is depending on what we eat, how we live, how we feel. Gut health is often damaged by many prescribed drugs and bad personal habits like eating too much sugar, starch, drinking too much alcohol, and not managing our stresses well. The health of the bugs in our gut is one of the biggest things that impact our health. When our gut bacteria are out of balance we become sick.

As a result, the importance of taking probiotics has recently become a huge focus. Let’s dive into it a little bit more in depth to improve our diet and learn about probiotics. So many people are suffering from health problems, which are related to bad gut health, for example bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, constipation, and abdominal pain; often these are symptoms of irritable bowel. So many other diseases also affected by the bad health of your gut flora such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, asthma, eczema and depression.

When we don’t feed our bodies with good nutrition, our gut flora diminishes, therefore, it is important to eat high fibre and good quality probiotics. By taking too many antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids and eating processed food, which is high in sugar and starch you will trigger an immune response that is going to irritate the gut and create havoc which has the propensity to lead to an irritable bowel.

probiotics, health and nutrition

This creates many health problems, things like allergy, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, mood problems, obesity, heart disease and cancer. So the microbial ecosystem in the gut has to be healthy in order for us to be healthy. Our diets need to go back to the old-fashioned ways, with lots of protein, high fibre, bone broths, grass-fed beef gelatin/collagen along with probiotics it will help populate our guts with good bacteria.

Studies have shown Irritable bowel particularly improves with these dietary changes. Taking digestive enzymes will help and a course of good high potency probiotics will restore good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics price and quality vary. A very popular probiotic that we stock at Bribie Simply Healthy is from BioCeutical’s 45 billion probiotics, it is a practitioner product. Another popular product is Healthy Essentials, their probiotics range from 35 billion up to 108 billion probiotics. These will assist in the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora and healthy digestive function.

Another way of getting probiotics is eating fermented foods things like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha, Kefir yoghurt, organic whole fat or organic yoghurt, unsweetened sheep or goats yoghurt, but the easiest and most reliable way to ensure your probiotic intake is adequate is to take a probiotic supplement. Note: Bribie Simply Healthy stocks organic grass fed bone broths, gelatin/collagen products that help with the growth of good bacteria. Also, this product has many other health benefits like strengthening the gut lining, improving food sensitivities caused by wheat and dairy, they will help decrease joint inflammation and cartilage regeneration to name a few.

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