Greens Getting Attention in Pumicestone


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It’s an exciting time in Queensland in the run-up to the State election. We can really send a loud message to the State government about our sense of place here on Bribie Island. What a unique place we’re living in, and we must take responsibility for it. We have to make sure it isn’t ruined by overdevelopment and inappropriate misuse, so that future generations can enjoy it too.

As your Greens candidate, I’m pushing for protective measures for Pumicestone Passage so that dolphins, turtles, and dugong aren’t destroyed. That’s why I’m calling for stringent checks on development so vested interests aren’t always given priority. We need traffic calming measures for Welsby Parade, to foster a cafe and small business precinct. I know the small businesses very well, having run a successful chamber of commerce for several years.

We agree with BIEPA, that our Island should be re-imagined as an eco-discovery destination respected for its unique flora and fauna, and not trashed. Our nesting turtles are an amazing natural wonder on our doorstep, and we’re allowing them to be killed before they even get started on their journey. We are failing in our international duty under the RAMSAR treaty to look after this special place.

2020 is a turning point. We’ve faced drought, bushfires, Covid-19, unemployment, and now economic free-fall. To come out of it better, we must make changes. Business, as usual, has got us here, but there are so many ways we can improve things.

The Greens are pushing for a major manufacturing restart, with factories for solar panels and wind turbines in regional areas. We want to build state-of-the-art social housing, creating a construction boom with 1700 jobs right here in Moreton Bay. We have just announced our plan to scrap fares on all public transport. And it’s all possible if we transform our economy. But we must stop the influence of big business on our government, which is why we are calling for an end to corporate donations to political parties. The big banks have made $172 billion in four years in Queensland. We are suggesting they pay a tiny levy on each transaction of just 0.05% to raise money to help Queenslanders enjoy the benefits. By investing in clean technologies we will create four times as many jobs as depending on coal and gas. And in the meantime, during the transition, we say the big miners should be paying proper royalties to the Queensland government on the $480 billion of resources they export from our state in just a decade.

So if you believe it’s time for things to change, send a signal to the State government this election: vote for the Greens