Health – The effects of stress

By Heenam Kim - EFT therapist.

Health and wellbeing. Stress. Mental health. Cancer causes.

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Tags: Health and wellbeing. Stress. Mental health. Cancer causes.


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By Heenam Kim

Health and wellbeing. Stress. Mental health. Cancer causes.

Yes, stress has a profound impact on how your body’s system functions.

The emotional connection is a very big piece of the puzzle for cancer patients. Stress is a part of life we can’t go anywhere without being stressed. Sitting in traffic, worrying about money, friends and family member’s health and this and that.

Though professions define they are two different types of stress; one short-term or acute stress and long-term or chronic stress. Short-term stress, I believe is the force to our vitality. When our brain perceives physical or psychological stress, it starts pumping the chemicals cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine into the body. Instantly, the heart beats faster, blood pressure increases, senses sharpen, a rise in blood glucose invigorates us and we’re ready to rock .

The latter, Chronic Stress is the type of stress causing negative impact on our health. In many studies, it has been founded that the emotional trauma will weaken the immune system, and make us prone to diseases like cancer. It also increases our risk of developing digestive problems and depression.

Emotions are ‘Energy in Motion’.

So if energy gets blocked anywhere in the body because of emotional trauma, it can create an imbalance in the flow of our bodies’ energy. Chinese medicine often refers to the flow of energy in the body as Chi. Dr. R.G. Hamer, renowned German physician and cancer surgeon examined over 20,000 patients with all types of cancer. He felt any cancer began with an extremely harsh emotional shock that would short-circuit a specific area of the brain and then affect a particular organ.

So what can we do to ease the emotional trauma, how can we be free from our chronic stress?

Many years ago, my high school friend came to Australia from Korea and stayed for a year. She had breast cancer and was told that changing her stressful environment to a peaceful one, would be good for her. I have noticed that she had a lot of anger, resentment and hatred. I felt her negative emotions would encourage her cancer cells to grow.

I told her she had to forgive a person who has done harm to her and let things go. She understood but she asked me “HOW?” I know it’s easier said than done. So I began searching for that ‘How’ I thought there must be easier way to release emotional trauma. In a way, that desire to help my friend brought me to where I am.

I found the answer in Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Technique.

My name is Heenam Kim and I am an EFT therapist. When you apply the simple steps in Energy Psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the physical and emotional changes are phenomenal. It is like someone is lifting weight off your shoulders. The emotional changes that occur are very liberating.

It may seem too simple to be effective and feel a little weird and awkward at first. Anxiety or stress creates definite changes in brain activity, both electrical and chemical. Stimulating acupuncture points sends signals to various parts of the brain, but especially the limbic system or emotional part of the brain.

While making a statement or affirmation about a past or present stressful event you stimulate an acupuncture point, it alters the electrical pathway and ‘releases’ the energetic connection and hold that it has on us emotionally. I also use Dr. Bradely Nelson’s Emotion Code, which guide us to locate people’s trapped emotions and I use magnets to remove blocked emotions then I use EFT/Tapping.

Most of us reliving our past trauma again and again, which creates unnecessary stress. I then work on the physical pain. After the treatment you will feel lighter, relaxed and any physical symptoms will reduce dramatically. Already many people are experiencing countless benefits from EFT therapy, please come and see Heenam Kim at Bribie Simply Healthy for your treatment, just opposite the post office at the Woolworth’s complex.

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