Health and Nutrition – Common cause of gas and bloating

By Heenam Kim

Health and nutrition - causes of bloating and gas

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Bribie Simply Healthy – Gas and Bloating – Digestive Enzymes

By Heenam Kim

Health and nutrition - causes of bloating and gas

Lately, I was having a problem with my stomach. It seemed like the food was stuck in my upper stomach and it was causing some discomfort. I often tell people when you don’t feel right try eliminating gluten and lactose from the diet. There are many study findings suggest that the human digestive system was not designed to digest gluten and lactose. However, I love eating bread, pasta and rice.

To ease my stomach discomfort I started taking gluten enzyme and it has been working wonders. So I look into more about digestive enzymes. The most common causes of gas and bloating are the indigestion of our foods. Which means that we are not digesting our proteins, our starches and our fats completely and those undigested foods sit in our digestive system and create gas and bloating. The number one cause of this is that the body is not producing enough digestive enzymes from the pancreas, especially with carbohydrates. The first stage of digestion of starches begins from salivary amylase. When we are just washing the foods down and not chewing them properly.

This means then that the first stage of digestion in carbohydrates is compromised. Unfortunately, as we get older, we do not produce as many digestive enzymes from the pancreas as we do when we were younger. When we eat food, it enters the stomach, the stomach liquidise it and it passes from the stomach into the small intestine, the gallbladder releases bile and the pancreas releases digestive enzymes to break the food down into useable nutrients and send them to the right area for proper bodily function. The enzyme called Protease from your pancreas digest protein, amylase for starch and lipase digests fats.

It takes from large molecules to small molecules so that it can pass through the digestive lining into your bloodstream as useable nutrients. Taking digestive enzymes as a supplement will help to digest foods better. Undigested food sitting in your digestive tract will ferment creating more gas and bloating. And over a long-term the fermenting starches can develop into nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, why because starch ferments in the small intestine and produces alcohol, therefore it causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. When you choosing enzyme supplements, it is advised to look for at least the three enzymes that help with the three main foods that you are eating.

Protease for protein, Lipase for fat and Amylase for starches. One of the popular enzyme supplements from Bribie Simply Healthy is MultiGest Enzyme by Bioceuticals. It has a high potency of Amylase, Protease, Lipase as well as Tilactase, which helps to break down lactose, Cellulase breaks down cellulose, Bromelains and Papain break down protein into amino acids. Protein digestion is very important because undigested protein can create the most toxins in the body. For more information Heart of perfect health by Brenda Watson. My name is Heenam Kim and I am an EFT therapist.

When applied the simple steps in Energy Psychology, the physical and emotional changes are phenomenal. It is like someone is lifting a weight off your shoulders. The emotional changes that occur are very liberating. It may seem too simple to be effective and feel a little weird and awkward at first. Anxiety or stress creates definite changes in brain activity, both electrical and chemical.

Stimulating acupuncture points sends signals to various parts of the brain, but especially the limbic system or emotional part of the brain. While making a statement or affirmation about a past or present stressful event you stimulate an acupuncture point, it alters the electrical pathway and ‘releases’ the energetic connection and hold that it has on us emotionally.

Dr Bradely Nelson’s Emotion Code guide us to locate people’s trapped emotions then I use magnets to remove blocked emotions and move to EFT/Tapping. Most of us reliving our past trauma again and again, which creates unnecessary stress. After the treatment, you will feel lighter, relaxed and any physical pain will reduce dramatically. Already many people are experiencing countless benefits from EFT therapy, please come and see Heenam Kim at Bribie Simply Healthy for your treatment. I am also offering a self-healing class 1 July, Sun from 10 am – 1 pm for $45 per person, so you can start to heal yourself. Just opposite the post office at the Woolworth’s complex.

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