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Fulvic acid is created in extremely small amounts by millions of beneficial microbes that went through the compost procedure. It combines with a variety of minerals to create a complex molecule. It is often recognized as ‘nature’s miracle molecule’. The molecule of fulvic acid has 15 tetra trillion electrons, which can donate to the human cell to repair free radicals. Fulvic acid is to be said free radical quencher.

When you’re feeling tired you just feel run down, you just don’t have a lot of energy on a cellular level. Your cells aren’t carrying an electrical charge very well. When you can recharge the battery suddenly you have energy again. Things start functioning the way they should. The whole function here is enhancing the electrical capacity, converting free radicals back into nutrition.

Fulvic acid also acts as the delivery system. Fulvic acid is a micro Nano molecule, therefore it crosses all barriers in the body including brain barrier. Fulvic acid can carry nutrients to whatever tissue whatever cells wherever you need them to go. The interesting thing about fulvic acid is that it delivers the nutrients also it takes the waste such as heavy metals, pesticides or anything that the cell doesn’t want will bond and carry out of the system. Oxidative stress contributes to the development of illnesses including heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and aging.

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To combat oxidative stress we need to balance free radicals and antioxidant defenses. Our bodies are comprised of billions of molecular cells held together by electronic bonds. Sometimes these molecules are held together by a weak bond and can split apart resulting in an unstable molecule with an unpaired electron. This molecule is known as a free radical. When it comes to cancer, the cancer cells have very low electrical activity. So if we can raise its electrical activity, the cancer cell will die off.

Therefore a high electrical activity kills cancer cells. Fulvic acid has the electrolyte capacity to raise the electrical activity in the cells and it destroys cancer cells. It also has the capacity of removing the waste delivering the nutrition. Fulvic acid is high in carbon, high in hydrogen and high in oxygen. We use fulvic acid for balancing our body’s composition cells. Why we haven’t heard about these wonderful natural treatments?

Pharmaceutical companies control many aspects of our lives such as media, education and the food industry. Like all other businesses, the pharmaceutical industry’s primary focus is on making money. If they cannot patent the treatment, they can’t maximize the profits. Therefore it’s not beneficial for them to promote any natural remedies. If they can sell patented medications to patients to keep them alive, not necessarily make them healthy, more people will buy their products therefore they proffer!

Sadly this is a business of medicine today. However now people are starting to wake up, and doing their own research and seeks natural ways of curing themselves rather than relying on harmful medication.

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