By Veronica Mercer -Mental Health Accredited Social Worker

mental health worthlessness

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The noun worthlessness can describe an object’s lack of value, but it’s more often used to describe people —specifically in relation to how we feel about our self. If we experience multiple setbacks in our lives like job loss, financial struggle, divorce, or not like our looks, we can end up feeling like our lives have no meaning.

“Why Do I feel Worthless?”: When Nothing Helps

Often, feelings of worthlessness can be a symptom of depression. Many depressive disorders leave patients feeling alone, unworthy of social interaction, and unworthy of help. The trouble is, this is a vicious circle and those feelings often foster greater depression. In cases of clinical depression, it is recommended that you seek help from a professional.

I believe it’s mostly related to how we view life itself.

  • Feeling worthless is one of the deepest and darkest emotions we can encounter.
  • Unfortunately, life isn’t fair, and we will find our self-feeling worthless without warning.
  • We are dependent on so many things in order to feel our worth.
  • Feeling worthless derives from different areas and reasons.

mental health worthlessnessWhy we feel the way we do

A good look into our own thoughts, feelings, and emotions will help reveal the culprit. Our character can help us squash feeling worthless and highlight the truth.

1. Comparisons

  • When we compare ourselves to others and feel ugly in these comparisons, we find ourselves feeling worthless.

2. Losing identity

  • We start feeling worthless when we lose our identity. • During life, we go through different phases and chapters.
  • Within these chapters, we take on various roles, e.g. daughters, wives, mother.

3. Criticism

  • Early in life, you may have encountered a huge amount of criticism.
  • As an adult, you may have carried this criticism with you and all the healthy critique you receive is met with bitterness.
  • Sometimes worthlessness does come from past criticisms.
  • It can grow and accumulate in insults over the depreciation that’s hard to heal.

4. Negativity

  • After encountering so many bad situations and people, we become programmed to think everything will go wrong.
  • We find it pointless to try and do better because everything will turn out negatively anyway.

5. Mental illness

  • If you suffer from a mental health disorder such as depression, feelings of worthlessness will come often.
  • You also won’t be able to pinpoint a specific action which causes this…because there is none.
  • There can be triggers, but these triggers may be random and hard to discover. • This is one thing that makes mental illness so deadly.

6. Health issues

  • Believe it or not, your physical health can make you feel worthless.
  • If you’ve lost your ability to walk, eat certain foods, or do otherwise enjoyable activities, you may start to feel like nothing matters anymore.
  • Your health can also play a more direct role in feeling worthless as well when chemicals and hormones are out of balance.

mental health worthlessnessI think we all feel worthless sometimes…

Maybe you don’t know why you feel worthless, but you just do. Whatever is causing these feelings cannot stop you from trying to eliminate them. Despite what’s happening in your life or what has happened, you can choose to do better and be better.

We must understand that no one is perfect, and the perfection we may see in others is not real. Beneath the attractive details that you feel you don’t have, lies the faults and imperfections. Just like you, everyone else is full of doubts and faults.

Remember “Your value is the product of your thoughts. Do not miscalculate your self-worth by multiplying your insecurities”. – Dodinsky The most important thing is… Never give up! – Wishing you all good mental well-being – Cheers Veronica.

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