How to Spring Clean Your Health


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As spring starts again, many individuals engage in spring cleaning throughout their home, using this change to warmer weather to open, dust and clean windows, letting stale air out and fresh in, along with many other deep cleaning tasks.

New life outside, clean life inside, after all. But although physically cleaning the house is a good idea, many individuals forget about cleaning their bodies and making sure they are in good health. Why not also apply the spring cleaning philosophy to health as well?

Toss Out The Old And Expired

Even with the best intentions, many individuals end up with old and expired products and medications. The most popular among women, of course, are old tubes of lipstick, mascara, and other makeup. Those who keep switching skincare products often also end up with expired half empty containers. Many also find they have over-the-counter painkillers that expire before they use them all Take this time to search through all your drawers and cabinets. Gather all these products and check their labels. Throw away anything past its expiry date according to directions on the bottle. If in doubt with medication, consult a pharmacist for assistance to be on the safe side.

Schedule Health Appointments

A variety of health appointments are necessary for individuals to ensure they remain as healthy as possible and to detect potential illnesses early. These appointments include an annual physical, dental and eye exam. Of course, some individuals will also need to schedule appointments for a mammogram, colonoscopy and other health issues more specific to age, gender and often at a different frequency than once a year.

Although there is a selection of appointments necessary every year, many individuals let them slide. Some forget while others believe they are simply not a priority. Even if there is nothing wrong, scheduling these regular appointments is vital to ensure everything stays that way. Spring is the perfect time to call up your doctor, dentist and other healthcare professionals to schedule appointments you may have missed in the past.

Take It Outside

Although there are plenty of opportunities to be outside and active during the winter, due to the cold weather, many find themselves unwilling to venture out. Additionally, since the days are shorter and typically there are fewer sunny days during the winter, individuals get far less vitamin D than they do in the spring and summer. Thus, when spring rolls around, it is important to take activities outside. Exercising outside, such as going for a walk or run, or doing simple things like planting a garden or reading in a lawn chair are great.

Change Up Your Diet

Spring is the perfect time of year to get your diet on track. One of the most popular choices is to visit local farmer’s markets, which typically start opening in the spring, to buy fresh produce. Even if food must be transported, it also helps to eat based on the season and try new fruits and vegetables each week. Furthermore, the warmer weather lessens the need and desire for heavier comfort foods and shifts the optimum meals to lighter and healthier choices. When it comes down to it, spring is the perfect time to brush the dust off and make sure your health is where it should be.