The Joy of Bribie Island


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Every day here on Bribie begins with knowing how fortunate we are to be able to live in such a unique environment. Surrounded by water with views to the Glasshouse Mountains across Pumestone passage and from Worrim across to Moreton Island. The community begins its day with the sounds of life with excellent schools, workplaces and activities to suit all ages, those who have to travel to work or do business elsewhere are able to access roads and transport without the obstructions in so many other places.

We may want to complain but we have all chosen to live on Bribie Island to fulfil a dream. There will always be room for improvement and with the continuing infrastructure, development and environmental care our future looks bright even in these difficult times of restrictions and social distancing. The awesome work of Global Care Bribie Island and Corey at Café 191 truly demonstrates the spirit of Bribie Island.

The community initiatives have demonstrated what a caring and compassionate community we are. Now with the easing of some restrictions we will once again have access to the exceptional Library, Art Centre and limited access to the restaurants, clubs, and other activities we have been missing. We need to continue to wherever possible shop locally and support those businesses who have seen us through some of the toughest times.

Sadly, we have seen many businesses having to close and they will influence our recovering commercial environment. The community has been cared for by our State (Pumestone) and Federal (Longman) Parliamentary members and the Division 1 Moreton Bay Regional Council representative. The local press continues to enlighten along with the strength of editorial input to ensure that we never lose the power of the word to encourage, entertain and give us knowledge through advertisers to meet our local needs. We are proud of the small business’s that have hung in there, it is now our time to continue to support them and shop local as often as possible.

Often we are reminded of a few incidents that have made life difficult for some people and the anger and frustration of isolation has brought out the ugly side of human nature but these incidents are very few as it is mostly smiles compassion, understanding and care. We must salute all our Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacies and their staff, Health Care workers, the staff in sales and to all of the Bribie Island Community for keeping us safe.

We are all accountable to see that our community becomes stronger in service, economy, and contributors to all that we love about this community that we cherish in this our Island home.

Many visitors to the Island have enjoyed the experience as a holiday destination, the facilities and the accessibility of our parklands and water ways. There are many requests to have the Bribie Islander forwarded on after they leave, and many copies are posted out interstate and around the world as a sense of being part of the life on Bribie Island, and this is Our Home how fortunate are.

I long to go to the sea again the lonely sea and the sky, and all I ask is a tall ship to steer her by. John Masefield.