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Welcome to the first edition of The Bribie Islander! We really hope you enjoy having a local publication focussing on the local community and businesses servicing Bribie and surrounding areas.

Our regular column, the Bribie Advocate aims to focus on local feel-good issues and as a way to promote the many wonderful happenings in and around Bribie. As such we invite topics of interest to be emailed to [email protected] or otherwise feel free to drop a note with a short description of a topic of interest into any of The Bribie Islander drop off points.

This month, I’d like to highlight that as community awareness and understanding grows, so does our calendar of commitments! Especially with the massive efforts of organisations like The Sensory Movie Day group.

As a family with a 9yo Aspie (Aspergers) and a 6yo Autie (Autistic), the activities organised these school holidays opened up a new world for our boys. Horse riding, mini stream trains, bowling and the warplane museum. Absolutely awesome efforts from everyone involved, thank you. To watch our non-verbal little Autie run up to a horse, brush his cheek against its neck and then jump on was fantastic.

He smiled and laughed the whole half hour, and then at the end, he even uttered the horse’s name, Diesel. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Even our anxious Aspie was able to relax and just enjoy life, caught in the moment for that short time. A big thank you to all the Sensory Movie Day volunteers.

As for our community in general, for your greater awareness and understanding of our children, thank you for becoming increasingly inclusive and creating a positive environment for all. If anyone would like more information or the opportunity to contribute to the great work of The Sensory Movie Day group, please contact Chanelle at [email protected] or mobile 0422 416 509.

I’d like to share this short poem that invoked so many feelings in relation to our son:

“When they told me he would never talk I taught him how to sing.

We walked through the parks together Summer, fall, or spring.

When they told me he would never walk I taught him how to run.

I put his little hands in mine And ran right through the sun.

When they told me he would never write I taught him how to draw.

I took him to the lakes and hills.

He drew everything we saw.

When they told me he would never live Like a normal kid.

I taught him to live like adults.

He copied everything I did.”

On occasion, some stare and judge our wonderful little boy, but all who’ve taken the time fall in love with his cheeky shine. I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank ABC Bongaree, AEIOU, Banksia Beach State School and Caboolture Special School.

Without the care and professionalism displayed by the many people involved, our son would not be making the wonderful inroads he has to date.

Cheers, JP.

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