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In September each year, a fleet that is made up of both large and small yachts will arrive at the Bongaree Jetty as they cross the designated finish line for the Bribie Cup, an event which is organised by the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club with support from the Bribie Island Sailing Club. This year, the Bribie Cup will be held on September 15th with vessels beginning to cross the Bongaree finish line from about 11 am. A BISC spokesperson told me that whilst the event was first held in 1952, it was put on hold for some years after storms caused damage to a few of the competitors’ vessels which were moored in the area on the Saturday night.

Featured Image(above): Ready to cross the finish line

‘It used to be a two day event which consisted of a Saturday race and also a race on the Sunday,’ he explained. ‘The Bribie Cup Yacht Race was re-commenced about after the Bribie Island Sailing Club was founded so that would have been around 2004. The club is now in its seventeenth year,’ he added. When the Bribie Cup was initially held, there was only a single monohull division and the event has grown to a stage where it boasts four divisions which include multi-hull and classic categories.

The competing vessels begin the race off Shorncliffe and, depending on their size, will then sail on one of two courses before reaching the finish line. Larger yachts will set sail toward Moreton Island before heading to Bongaree via Deception Bay and the smaller craft will sail closer to the shoreline, passing Sandgate Jetty and Humpybong on their way to Bribie. Once the competing vessels, which I’m told will be from areas throughout the country, have crossed the finish line, the Bribie Island Sailing Club will have a vessel on standby to offer crews a ship to shore ferry service if it is required.

Then Caboolture Shire Council Mayor Joy Leishmann presenting the Bribie Cup in an early 2000’s event

The reception area will be set up in an area to the north of the Bongaree Jetty and members of the Bribie Island Mahalo Outrigger Canoe Club will be selling food and drink to the visiting sailors. I have been told that anyone who would like to visit the finish site for a chance to see the yachts as the arrive should plan to be there from around noon. The Bribie Island Sailing Club is always ready to welcome new members and anyone who would like to find out more about joining should visit the club’s web page which is www.bribieislandsailingclub.org.au or contact the club by calling 0490 471 930.

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