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When we received the press release from one of our regular advertisers Beefy’s we had a close look at what they were saying and decided that there was more to this story then the PR release covered. So The Bribie Islander caught up with Beefy’s Chief Operating Officer Brett Hooper at the popular Beefy’s store located at the Seven-11 servo next to the Ningi roundabout on Bribie Island road to have a chat about the business first hand. Brett, who has been with the company for a little over four years, is a most affable fellow and his enthusiasm and knowledge in discussing their food business is to be commended.

Featured Image(above): Beefy’s Ningi store team members Taelah and Ethan

With more than 20 years experience in the food wholesale market, Brett knows his stuff when it comes to the food business. Brett explained that Beefy’s like all family-owned businesses started in a small way as a single store based in the Aussie World precinct on the Sunshine Coast back in 1997. “Ron and Shirley Hobbs, together with their son Mark and wife Belinda, are the business founders.

They are still very much part of our business today and their vision for Beefy’s to deliver ‘Bigger, Better, Beefier Meat Pies – Guaranteed’ has seen the business grow substantially,” he said. Brett said that the business has now grown to ten company-owned stores located in South East Queensland including the Ningi site. He said that Beefy’s now has approximately 160 employees and is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified for food manufacture.

As well the business also has developed a home delivery component for their gluten free range Australia wide. Brett tells us that one of Mark and Belinda’s children who suffers from coeliac disease and was the catalyst for the Hobbs to develop a gluten-free range of pies. “Ït would be a bit sad to run a bakery and not be unable to offer your child a pie!” said Brett. He said the Beefy’s team was overwhelmed by the support they received from their gluten-free customers when they attended Coeliac Queensland’s Gluten Free Expo at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre earlier in the year.

“In fact, our reputation as Australia’s best gluten-free bakery is growing, with the Beefy’s Gluten Free Signature Steak Pie having been awarded ‘WINNER Australia’s Best Gluten FREE Pie’ at the Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition in 2015 and 2016. Our other pies have received awards too. And while this makes us proud, what’s more, important is that we consistently keep the quality high and give our customers the very best from Beefy’s,” said Brett.

According to Brett innovation is part of Beefy’s culture and the latest innovation is the Loaded Pie. He says the Loaded Pie not only tastes amazing, but it has also opened the door to thousands of new flavour possibilities for customers. “Customers visiting Beefy’s can now select their favourite pie flavour, this includes pies from the Beefy’s gluten-free range, and then ask for their pie to be loaded with delicious toppings.

Toppers such as creamy mash, mushy peas, maple bacon, hot chips, sour cream, gravy, and a great range of sauces are available, all of which are gluten free except the mushy peas. Our customers are lining up to get loaded,” says Brett. As we chatted The Bribie Islander can certainly testify to the Ningi store’s popularity that’s for sure!

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