The Bribie Island Police Force remembers

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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When members of the Police Service commence their shift, they do so with the expectation that they may be called upon to deal with a variety of situations within the next few hours and that one or more of those situations may involve danger to both the community and themselves. That knowledge, however, did not prevent Toowoomba Police Officer Senior Constable Brett Forte from doing his best when called upon to attend a high-risk situation on May 29th, 2018.

Featured image(above): Acting Senior Sergeant Peter Thompson reading the Police Ode while Police Officers Rick Diaz, Chris Bird, Phil Wallace, Nicole Diegon, Michael Hamilton, Lisa Monteiro, Phil Robson and Stephen Collins pause to remember Senior Constable Brett Andrew Forte

After being advised of the situation, Senior Constable Forte and his partner left the Toowoomba Police Station and proceeded to the scene of the dangerous incident in the Helidon area which was to result in the brave Senior Constable losing his life in the hours to come. We all should be very thankful that officers such as Senior Constable Forte are prepared to dedicate their lives to serving the community and protect us from danger and we should also hope that these brave men and women are able to return to their families at the end of their shift.

On May 29th this year at 1.40 pm, twelve months on from the tragic events at Helidon, officers from Bribie Island Police Station participated in a small ceremony to mark the anniversary of Senior Constable Forte’s death and to pay tribute to the courageous officer. Police Officers Rick Diaz, Chris Bird, Phil Wallace, Nicole Diegan and Michael Hamilton joined with Lisa Monteiro, Phil Robson and Stephen Collins assembled at the front of the Bribie Island Police Station as Bribie Station Acting OIC, Acting Senior Sergeant Peter Thompson recited the Police Ode and then all present observed forty seconds silence. This was referred to as “Forty Seconds for Fortey.” In writing this article, I wish not only to pay tribute to Senior Constable Brett Andrew Forte but to assist in creating awareness of the ongoing commitment to the community that is demonstrated each day by the members of the Queensland Police Service.


As the sun surely sets

Dawn will see it arise

For service above self

Demands its own prize

You have fought the good fight

Life’s race has been run

And peace your reward for eternity begun

And we that are left shall never forget

Rest in peace friend and colleague

For the sun has now set

We will remember Senior Constable Brett Andrew Forte

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