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What a hot start to the new year with very little rain for this part of our summer season, it was quite a relief to have some much-welcomed rain and more pleasant temperatures last week. After making that statement it seems odd to be saying this, but we have started to put some winter clothing out due to many requests.

Last week we put a few boxes of tracksuit pants and jackets out and they disappeared quickly, so our Manager Sonia has decided to steadily put some of the winter clothing out. We presume it is for people who are going on holiday to cooler climates or maybe just getting ready for winter.

Just recently, Sonia performed a bit of shop refurbishment and moved the bookshelves around and away from the wall, to allow the air to flow more freely in that corner of the shop. it is more open now with some new low shelving for tools, sporting and bits, and bobs.

She has also put quilt covers on hangers instead of in bags, as so many customers were removing covers to check the pattern and not putting them back in the bags causing untidy shelves by the end of the day; so if you are looking for quilts and also curtains please check out the racks on the edge of the furniture area.

Since the Christmas period, we have received quite a few DVD’s so they are currently on sale for $1 each, with a 50% off sale on furniture and prints. We also have some nice dinner sets and plenty of kitchen and glassware as well as a collection of shoes, bags, and toys available at the moment.

The shop is really looking good and has many bargains so come and check them out. Just recently we have had a few calls from people who have accidentally donated something incorrectly. Even though we searched high and low the items were not in the shop. Please check your items carefully before dropping them off, because as soon as something comes in we try to price it as soon as possible and get it on the shelves.

We will always try and find your item if it is still with us, but some items sell quickly; quite often it is an item of sentimental value and it is awful if we can’t locate it. Please be aware that currently, we are about one week behind in the free pick up, so if you need this service, please ring 34081014 as soon as possible so we do not have to keep you waiting. When it comes to supporting the island associations and residents we have started the year off well, with the following grants:

The Bongaree Bowls Club needed new scoreboards for the other green as the old ones were becoming brittle and dangerous, these were installed last week. The Coolamon Social Club in Cotterill Avenue asked for some computers so the residents could enter the IT world and learn how to email, search the internet and do internet banking. The Maritime cadets needed some more uniforms for their new recruits, this group has been having great success with the cadets and some have already entered the Defence Forces, including a young lady who entered the navy for Officer training last month.

The BI – Sandstone Pt Cricket Club had a problem at the BI soccer field cricket pitch with access time and the condition of the pitch and had to move to the Sandstone Point oval. We were asked if we could help in refurbishing the pitch, as the club needed the work done immediately as the Junior Teams were forfeiting games.

We are pleased to say that the pitch is up and running and the juniors are able to practice as well as playing home games. Being a holiday destination with a lovely surf beach, we have a great Surf Life Saving Club at Woorim which we have supported many times in the past. Adrian Harvie the Treasurer asked us for help in purchasing 2 Spinal Boards used for the extraction of unconscious or injured swimmers.

They also require 10 Surf Boards for beginners which are extremely safe and long lasting boards for the youngest members being instructed in surf rescue and paddling styles. These boards will be delivered shortly, we are always conscious of the safety, as well as the well being of our residents and also the visitors to our beautiful island. We would not be able to support not only these few associations but the many others we do during the year without the help of YOU, the wonderful residents who give generously of their preloved goods but also frequent the shop to purchase the many items available.

We thank you for all your support. We always need volunteers and if you wish to join our family please call Sonia on 3408 1014 or come in and speak to her, we are registered and approved by Centrelink and the employment agencies. In conclusion, I would like to thank our customers for their patience, when we had to close the shop last Saturday, due to electrical work.

We have replaced all the lights in the old section of the shop to improve lighting and the look of the shop whilst eradicating the dust and fluff that the old lights collected as well as saving on electricity.

We sincerely thank Ron of RJB Electrical who has been our electrician for many years now and has always looked after us.

We also wish to thank Richard and the gang at The Bribie Islander for their continued support for this article and our advert not only in this paper but also now in the mid-month glossy paper. Hope to see you in the shop soon.

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