BUSY FINGERS – April 2019

By Sandra

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As April is fast approaching, I thought I would advise that the shop will be closed for the 4 days of Easter, we will close at 3 pm on Thursday 18th April and re-open on Tuesday 23rd April and then we will also be closed on Thursday 25th April for Anzac Day.

I must remind everyone that when our gates are closed over the Easter break, any donations left on the footpath are classified as illegal dumping on council property and on the spot fines can apply.

We do not want this to happen, so please keep your donations until the shop reopens on Tuesday 23rd April. Customers have been requesting winter clothes as they are traveling and require warmer attire, so our staff has been putting out both summer and winter clothes. As we have a large number of clothes on hand it has been decided to have a sale of $5 a basket of all clothes until further notice.

There are many sizes and styles to choose from, so please come along and check out the clothing section of the shop. We also have a lot of books on the shelves at the present time, you can fill a basket for only $2 so I suggest all the Bribie Islander readers come along and check out the shelves for their favourite authors. Each morning, our blackboard at the entrance lists all the bargains we have daily, at the time of writing this we had prints, kitchen items, dinner sets and furniture 50% off, so please remember to check the board as you enter the shop.

As our customers would have noticed, we have had to install a further 2 speed bumps recently, we had to do this because drivers were not following our 5 KPH sign. Even with the three speed bumps in place, one of our volunteers was hit by a wing window just outside our shed. So please use caution when driving in the car park as we have many children who often don’t look before they cross and also elderly loaded up with shopping walking across to their cars.

busy fingers. used clothing. scond hand bribie island

We wouldn’t like to see any injuries occurring to people coming to shop and also we like to keep our staff and volunteers safe. We have recently marked two parking positions with a sign advising 2-minute drop-off and pick up, these spots are to be used to drop off your donations or to load bulky purchases that have been brought out of the shop for you. These purchases must be loaded into your car by you. I must mention the expanding garden in front of the shop, it is the design of one of our volunteers Michael, and he is doing a wonderful job of beautifying the shop front.

He has already made up some gardens at the back of the shop and also has plans for the strip along the fence in the car park. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael, on behalf of the committee for all his hard work in the garden.


Over the last few months, we have assisted several associations with grants including – Hairdressers with Hearts needed a Laptop and Printer which was arranged for us by Jordan of Ezy PC Sales. Bombora Outriggers Canoe Club needed another shark shield to protect their paddlers and the BI Netball Club required new Bibs. Bribie Island Mahalo Outrigger Canoe Club required assistance with several items of equipment.

The BI Police now have a new thermal binocular to assist them in searching for missing persons in the dark. We also have a new club on the island The BI Pickleball Club which is proving popular with many seniors required Paddles, Nets, and Balls; we were pleased to assist them in expanding their membership. We continue to give monthly support to the VMR and Bribie-Moreton Hospice. We would not be able to continue to give support to the many associations on the island without the support of the island residents and our many volunteers and staff, we sincerely thank you all.


If you are a member of a  Bribe Island club or association and require assistance please let us know. We try to assist all not for profit associations and sporting clubs, we also assist the Police, SES, VMR, and the BI Hospice. Our President Karen is quite happy to come along to your club and present our aims and goals and how your club can apply for assistance.

Please call 3410 1920 or email [email protected] if you wish to have a presentation or if you wish to apply for a grant of assistance. When applying for assistance please include a contact name and phone number and also a current equipment quote, tell us a bit about your association/club and membership and why you need the equipment you are requesting. Please be aware we only deal with island associations and groups, not individuals.

Visit our website @ http://www.busyfingersfundraiser.com.au/

We wish to thank Richard and David and the team of the Bribie Islander for their support throughout the year and our donators and customers for their continued support. Hope to see you in the shop soon. Sandra.

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