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This last month has been quite busy with a lot of donations arriving, keeping our volunteers very busy indeed. We have been having many different sales, furniture and pictures 50% off, ladies clothing $6 a bag and many others. Our daily sales will continue, so please check the blackboard as you enter the shop.

Our new truck is working out well, being bigger we can deliver more/ pick up more in fewer trips so if you need any items picked up please call 3408 1014 for an appointment.


As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would continue to advise our customers of our Christmas Break this year. We will remain open until 3pm Tuesday 24th December and will reopen again on Monday 6th January at 8.30 am. During this period our gates will be locked and we will not be accepting any donations over the 12-day period. Please remember that the footpath belongs to the council not Busy Fingers, so please do not leave anything on the footpath as this is regarded as dumping rubbish and the council can prosecute those who do it.

Our security cameras take in the footpath area, and we wouldn’t like to see any of our customers prosecuted. Our volunteers and staff work very hard throughout the year and we like to give them the opportunity to spend quality time with their families over the festive season. We thank you for your cooperation during this time.

Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Sadly, someone left furniture on the footpath during the public holiday, this was picked up by the council and they will be taking appropriate action. The furniture should have been taken to the rubbish tip as it was not in good condition; if we had been open we would not have accepted it advising the person to dispose of it themselves. Busy Fingers has to pay to use the rubbish tip, therefore we cannot accept anything that we cannot sell.

Nice Lunch

One of the Island groups we have supported is the Art Centre and I thought I would go down and see how they were going, while there my friend and I had a lovely lunch in their cafe. There was quite a group enjoying the quality food and ambience of the cafe at the back of the centre. The whiting and salad was quite yummy and my friend was impressed with her Wagyu beef burger, the coffees were great too. But I must admit I wish I had seen the scones before I ordered, as the lady sitting nearby appeared to be really enjoying them, they looked so light and fluffy, I will have to wait until my next visit to give them a try. So if you plan to have a morning out with friends go and try it out while supporting the Art Centre at the same time.


As well as continuing to support the VMR with fuel and the Hospice with the Palliative Care Suite at the BI Retirement & Aged Care Village, we have been able to support quite a few associations on the island this month including: The Bribie Island Aged Care which required Medical Equipment for moving patients, some Bed Assist with Monitors and Standard Chair Pads, 4 Air Lift Arm Chairs and Various medical products.

St Peters Church Committee requested help in re-roofing the old church so it can be used for functions and raising funds for island associations they in turn support. The Scouts required new mattresses to allow visiting scout groups to sleep in the den. BI National Servicemen’s Association required a new refrigerator to store food and drinks for their monthly meeting luncheon.

BI Dragon’s Abreast asked for help in obtaining a fully Automatic Defibrillator to ensure the safety of their rowers. House of Happiness has asked for help in preparing a concrete patio area and also improving the BBQ area. BI Hospice/Boronia Cottage Respite has asked for new linen, BBQ and an outdoor setting allowing their guests to enjoy their lovely garden area.

The BI Croquet Club requires some new equipment to accommodate the new field. The BI High School has requested help in fencing for their new “The Grow @ Bribie project”; this is designed to reduce waste through recycling, improving and promoting environmental practices. Students will be building the designated area with gardens that include Waste/Composting/Veggie Garden and Worm Farms. We will also support the Bribie Island Kids Education Support (BIKES) through assistance with School Book Packs, Uniforms & Shoes, School Excursions and Camps.

Once again we wish to sincerely thank all our customers, the people who donate all the pre-loved items, and our wonderful hardworking volunteers and staff, without them we would not be able to support as many island community schools, associations and clubs.

If you require assistance – If you are a member of an island club or association and require assistance please let us know. We try to assist all not for profit associations and sporting clubs, we also assist the Police, SES, VMR, and the BI Hospice. Our President Karen is quite happy to come along to your club and present our aims and goals and how your club can apply for assistance.

Please call 3410 1920 or email [email protected] if you wish to have a presentation or if you wish to apply for a grant of assistance. When applying for assistance please include a contact name and phone number and also a current equipment quote, tell us a bit about your association/ club and membership and why you need the equipment you are requesting.

Please be aware we only deal with island associations and groups not individuals. As usual, I wish to thank Richard and The Islander family for all their support throughout the year. Hope to see you in the shop soon.


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