BUSY FINGERS – Second hand and used goods charity – April 2019

By Sandra

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We hope you all had a very enjoyable Easter Break with family and friends and for those that had vacationed with the kids on school holidays, we hope you managed to keep them fully occupied whilst enjoying your own downtime. Leading up to Easter it was a very busy time for us and as such we could not satisfy all requests for Pick up, please be assured that we did as many as we could and hope to be back up to date as soon as possible.

We usually do pick up jobs in the morning and purchase deliveries in the afternoon. We endeavour to meet all our customer time frames but it is not always possible. So please give us as much notice as possible to meet your needs. Call 3408 1014 for assistance. PUBLIC HOLIDAY Please note we will be closed on Monday 6th May 2019 Labour Day Public Holiday.


This month we have a number of specials in the shop. This includes half-priced furniture, dinner sets, and pictures. All clothes are $5 per basket and this includes both summer and winter clothing. The books marked with a dot on the 2nd’s table are currently $2 a basket. For the complete list of specials please check the blackboard as you enter the shop, a lot of customers admit they don’t read the board and have missed out on some excellent bargains.


On a serious note, all shoppers must realise that our staff and many volunteers are there to help you, they are not there to be abused or harassed. Our hardworking volunteers are doing an excellent job and do it to support their community and its residents, and we expect all shoppers to show respect and act appropriately. Our shop has a zero tolerance policy and it will be enforced in all situations, even though we do not like to go down this path. However, we will not allow our staff and volunteers to be upset by rude and impatient customers.

If customers act inappropriately they will be asked to leave immediately, if they continue to cause disruption the police will be called. So we ask all customers to treat our staff as they would like to be treated at all times.


Please remember our policy of NO SHOES NO ENTRY. This is a safety and insurance issue and a very serious one. Things can get broken, and even though they are swept up immediately, there is the chance of a piece of glass or china being missed. It is quite painful having glass embedded in your foot and for children, it is quite a stressful event. So please ensure that not only you have shoes on but also your children as you will be refused entry without them.


If you are a member of an island club or association and require assistance please let us know. We try to assist all not for profit associations and sporting clubs, we also assist the Police, SES, VMR, and the BI Hospice. Our President Karen is quite happy to come along to your club and present our aims and goals and how your club can apply for assistance. Please call 3410 1920 or email [email protected] if you wish to have a presentation or if you wish to apply for a grant of assistance.

When applying for assistance please include a contact name and phone number and also a current equipment quote, tell us a bit about your association/club and membership and why you need the equipment you are requesting. Please be aware we only deal with island associations and groups, not individuals.


This community should be very proud of how we all support our island community in many different ways, including through the many donations you give to Busy Fingers which enable us to use the money raised to the community’s benefit. We also wish to thank the many business people who support us, this month I would like to mention our dear friend Ian of The Ink Shop 34086421 who continually looks after all our ink needs and offers much-needed advice when required. We also wish to thank the Team of the Bribie Islander for their continued support throughout the year.

Hope to see you in the shop soon. Sandra

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