Hospice Suite at the Churches of Christ Care

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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I am sometimes approached by a local resident who wants to know why I didn’t write an article about a certain issue or event and of course the most common reason for my failure to do so is because “I was not told about it.” Unfortunately, those few words can also be used to describe the reason why some people are not able to take advantage of all facilities which exist within the local area and one of these is the Hospice Suite at the Churches of Christ Care facility in Foley Street in Bongaree.

Featured Image(above): The bedroom at the Hospice Suite is well furnished and
offers complete privacy

The suite is provided by the Bribie Moreton Hospice Health Service, an organisation which was founded in 1997 and describes their core mission as “being able to assist individuals with chronic or other life-limiting conditions, and their carers by offering high-quality care focused on the whole person within the local community.” Those with high care and end of life needs are welcomed into the Hospice Suite and receive quality care from the staff at the facility who also provide wonderful support to the families.

Churches of Christ Residential Care Service Manager Anna Ward explained to me about the importance of discussing with family about transitions from hospital to either home or somewhere such as the suite when the time comes. ‘Very often people don’t discuss their wishes with their family and that is so necessary to ensure that a person’s wishes are known and followed,’ said Anna.

An outdoor area provides a serene setting and a private entrance.

‘The Hospice Suite is attractively furnished offers complete privacy and is set in very peaceful surroundings,’ she added. As well as a bedroom, the suite has a well-equipped kitchenette, a spacious bathroom which meets all disability standards and a serene outdoor area that doubles as a private entrance. ‘During this past year, there were fourteen admissions to the Hospice Suite at the Churches of Christ facility and some of them were young men who were in need of palliative care,’ said Bribie Moreton Hospice Secretary Maree Cunningham.

The feedback that we have received from family and friends whose loved ones were admitted has been very positive and our sincere thanks must go to the staff at Churches of Christ Care for their unfailing excellence of care and for the support that they have given to friends and relatives,’ she said. As a community based not-for-profit organisation which is dedicated to supporting local carers and their families, the Bribie Morton Hospice Health Service Inc is operated by volunteers and relies on funding from donations, other activities such as raffles and also sales at their Op-Shop in First Avenue in Bongaree.

Busy Fingers Fundraisers and the Cornett family are major donors to the association. The service also owns Boronia Cottage which is a modern house with four ensuite bedrooms and accessible outdoor areas. It is leased to Suncare Community Services for a minimal rate and offers short-term overnight respite for carers of frail and elderly relatives.

Those who wish to enquire about Cottage Respite should call 1800 786 227 for details. The Op-Shop is situated at 4/23 First Avenue in Bongaree and has a large range of goods available for sale. Anyone who wishes to find out more about the Hospice Suite or perhaps about either making a donation or becoming a volunteer should give Maree Cunningham a call on 3408 0299.

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