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By Neil Wilson

lions club bribie island

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The age-old adage, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” appears to ring true when examining a situation that has members of a local service scratching their heads. An ongoing upgrade to our public transport facilities that includes the replacement of the local bus stop shelters has Lions Club of Bribie Island members a little perplexed considering that many of the current shelters have been erected by the Lions Club to the required standard and are constantly inspected and maintained in an appropriate manner.

Featured Image(above): Lions Club members Hans Werner (L), Cheryl Williams and
Gordon West are concerned about losing their bus shelters like the one pictured here.

Lions Publicity Officer Gordon West told me that prior to the replacement program, there were thirty-four shelters that had been erected by the club. ‘I think that there is only about twenty left now and we are about to lose another thirteen, said Gordon. ‘The shelters were erected by volunteer workers from the club and the cost of the materials, ($850 each in 1999 currency), was met by the club.

The Lions Club began erecting the shelters not that long after they were formed forty-seven years ago and we have relied heavily on the money raised from the advertising space to fund some of our community projects,’ he explained. Lions Club of Bribie Island President Cheryl Williams pointed out that it is not only the club that will be adversely affected. ‘Besides the obvious loss of a source of funding for the club, local businesses will be deprived of a cheap way to advertise,’ said Cheryl.

‘Unless we can get something done to ensure the continuation of the advertising and the funding that it produces, there are no winners. It’s a lose, lose situation,’ she added. This matter has now been brought to the attention of Division One Councillor, Brooke Savige and she has since had discussions with the various council department heads. ‘Once I was made aware of the concerns of the Lions Club members, I have talked to the appropriate people in an effort to resolve the situation,’ said Councillor Savige.

‘It is my intention to ensure that the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties concerned and it appears that there will be a good outcome to this situation,’ she told me. Councillor Savige explained that the replacement of the shelters is part of an upgrade that is required by the Federal Government and it has to be carried out within a certain time frame. ‘Along with the shelter replacements, we are remodelling the bus stops to be disability friendly,’ said the Councillor.

lions club bribie island

One of the replacement shelters.

‘We want to ensure that everyone in the community has proper access to public transport,’ she added. The Lions Club of Bribie Island are instrumental in supporting many worthy community causes and new members are always welcome. For more information about the club, you can make a call to Gordon West on 0403 018 727.

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