Local Martial Artist Attempts Guinness World Record

By Neil Wilson


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An attempt to become the holder of a Guinness World Record recently did not go as planned for sixty-year-old martial arts enthusiast Bernie Jankowski. Bernie has been training for some time in preparation for his attempt to break six pool cues with his shin and, due to him having already successfully broken five cues some time ago, the hopes of those who came to cheer him on were high for a successful attempt.

As the time for the event drew near, Bernie sat around chatting and thinking about what he was about to do and then, when he and his assistants began to set up the cues, he announced to everyone, ‘I’m Pumped and ready to go.’ With two people holding the bundle of cues firm in the required position, Bernie made a few practice kicks before coming in with a kick to the cues that made a sound like the shot from a pistol.

Guinness World Record Martial Artist

That attempt unsuccessful, Bernie gave a couple of more incredibly powerful kicks to the bundle of cues but to no avail. ‘Just that one extra cue makes it so much more solid,’ Bernie announced. These kicks at the cues resulted in Bernie suffering splits to his shin and this very determined guy told me that he has not given up. ‘As soon as I have healed, I will give it another try,’ said Bernie. ‘I have definitely not given up.

I know I can do it,’ he added. The event was held at the front of Trevor Sealey’s First Avenue Tattoo Shop in front of a smaller than expected band of onlookers which was obviously due to the rain.

Bribie Island

As Bernie’s sponsor, Trevor has supported him during all his training and told me that he is confident that Bernie will eventually succeed. ‘We are a family business here at First Avenue Tattoos and this community has supported us well since we opened over two years ago,’ said Trevor. ‘We try to get involved in fundraising whenever possible and sponsoring Bernie is just one more way we can give back to the locals,’ he said.

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