Severe Weather on the way for Queensland

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Zombie Cyclone to hit Queensland

A significant weather event will be unfolding in Queensland this week. Tropical cyclone Owen started its life in the northern coral sea.  It turned into a cyclone then weakened to a tropical rain depression hitting the north tropical Queensland coast last week with damaging winds and torrential rain.

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It weakened further as it travelled over land in far north Queensland, but has since redeveloped into a tropical cyclone once again as it travelled over the very warm sea temperatures in the Torres Straight.  It is currently a category 2 system but is expected to intensify to a category 3 or even a category 4, with winds reaching around 250 km/hr at its core.  It is currently travelling west at about 10km per hour.

During today and tomorrow, it is expected to intensify and start on an easterly track back towards the Queensland coast, hitting hard on the western north Queensland coastline.  It is then expected to accelerate in a more southeasterly direction, parallel to the Queensland coast.

Strong destructive gale force winds of around 100km/h are expected as well as a burst of torrential rain.  It will start to affect the Bribie Island and Sunshine Coast late Sunday or early Monday.  Please be prepared for the worst.

This system is expected to maintain category 1 cyclone intensity with destructive winds of around 100km/h, torrential rainfall in excess of 100mm – 150mm in a short period of time, leading to possible flash flooding and inundation of suburban areas, and damage to property.

Be prepared! Forwarned is forearmed. Start preparing now.

This information is based on forecasts from the best forecast models and data.  The forecast can change, but good confidence is that this event will unfold.

The government will most likely start issuing warnings and updates on TV stations in the coming days.

UPDATE – There is the possibility of severe thunderstorms and rain on Friday and Saturday as well from a separate but related system.

UPDATE – Depending on the movement of cyclone Owen will decide whether we get destructive winds or lots of rain.  If Owen decides to track down the coast partly over water, or entirely over water, it may reintensify into a cyclone and we will get destructive winds and torrential rainfall, if it tracks down the coast further inland, we will be in for some intense rainfall and not so much wind.

Currently, the forecast models are putting it on a coastal track, and it may not reach the Moreton Bay area or SE Queensland, but there is a definite possibility that this may happen.  So keep an eye on updates from the news and other sources as well as this one.

Cyclone Owen forecast to hit Queensland

Cyclone Owen is coming for Queensland ? This is its predicted path between Friday and Tuesday according to the weather computer.

Bureau of Meteorology expects the cyclone to weaken after making landfall, before making its way down Queensland’s coast, bringing heavy rainfall, potential flash flooding and destructive winds.

Stay safe, everyone!

Posted by ABC Brisbane on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Latest Queensland Fire & Emergency Services & BOM warning


Posted by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services – QFES on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Video from Bureau of Meteorology

Live updates from Higgins Storm Chasing on Facebook

Visit Higgins Storm Chasing on Facebook for more information on up to date weather.

This post will be updated daily with the latest news on this unfolding severe weather event.

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