bribie island pelicans

By Richard Whetlor
As I drove over the bridge this morning to The Bribie Islander office I noticed a pelican defying all odds as it wobbled trying to secure it’s footing on one of the first few lamposts which have the new LED lights and anti pelican bars to stop them pooping on the lights and causing damage. As you may already know the transport minister for main roads Mark Bailey has done a wonderful job by agreeing to install the old lights on five of the 13 or so lamposts as a solution.

Well, guess what? As I was driving over the bridge thinking about that pelican and taking in the beautiful scenery the Bribie bridge view has to offer I spotted them, the new pelican perches are here YAY! All five of them.

Good work and well done to everybody that has got involved in the pelican movement to bring the pelicans back to the Bribie bridge street lights!!
Funny seeing the pelican on the lampost without the new perch though! We need to let the pelicans know :0)