By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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Without a doubt, it is essential that all children are accepted by others regardless of any special needs that they may have and their battle to successfully overcome the additional barriers which face them in this world should be recognised and rewarded.

From when, in 1983, Western Australian Lions initiated a program with this in mind, courageous children throughout the country are recognised each year as recipients of the Lions “Children of Courage” Awards and eight young people who were nominated by both the Bribie Island State Primary School and the Bribie Island High School received “Children of Courage” awards at a ceremony at the Lions Community Hall during November.

Lions Club of Bribie Island Publicity Officer Gordon West told me that Lions Clubs throughout the district are proud to support the program. “There are more than one hundred children from this area who are recognised as being “Children of Courage,”’ said Gordon. ‘The “Children of Courage” awards is not a competition and every child who is nominated receives an award,’ he explained.

Gordon also pointed out that for siblings who receive this award, it is a recognition of the valuable contribution which they make in caring for their siblings. He said that families also benefit by sharing in their child’s pride and the recognition of how the children have overcome the hardships that they face.