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There is no doubt that the opportunity to take a walk through the natural environment of either the beaches or bushland can be of benefit in a number of ways which include the opportunity to be physically active as well as to develop a close connection with nature and a recent walk along the tracks at the rear of the Art Centre by the Bribie Island Community Kindergarten community has been described as a worthwhile experience by all who took part. Kindy Director Narelle Dawson explained to me that this was part of a regular program of walks which are always accompanied by Uncle Ron who shares his indigenous knowledge about the area, wildlife, plants and trees.

Featured Image(above): Uncle Ron takes the time to share his knowledge

‘Part of our beliefs and goals for the kindy community are to be connected to places and to each other which fosters a sense of belonging for all,’ said Narelle. ‘I believe that there is no better way to achieve this than by these regular outings which bring about a calming effect and a sense of peace. Walking among nature grounds the body whilst also creating a sense of safety, comfort and belonging which in turn provides the opportunity to develop a close connection with nature,’ she added.

The kindy community were all eager to begin their walk with Uncle Ron

During their excursion along what is known as the Banksia Walk and the Palm Grove Walk, the children, their parents and kindy staff learned from Uncle Ron about the Bungwall Fern and its Indigenous use as a flour for cooking “Johnny Cakes” and Narelle pointed out that as well as providing the young children with a chance to learn about the environment, the family bush and beach walks are designed as a way of inspiring communities to spend more time outdoors.

Matilda Ivory (L) and Evelyn Haggerty were keen to point out their artwork 0n
the Arts Centre wall

Following their walk, all who took part enjoyed morning tea on the lawn at the rear of the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre before taking the opportunity to inspect the children’s artwork which is on display at the centre. ‘Having their work displayed alongside the work of accomplished artists fosters a sense of worth and achievement for our little ones,’ Narelle told me. ‘The partnership with the Arts Centre has provided us with a worthwhile opportunity,’ she said.

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