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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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In the August edition of The Bribie Islander, I told the story of Renee McCann and her battle to fund the training and supply of an assistance dog for her little daughter, Dylan and the resulting generosity of the Wallum Action Group who have paid the required amount. Dylan has been diagnosed with Fibular Hemimelia and PFFD (Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency) as well as a number of other issues and will soon undergo several rounds of surgery which are hoped to improve her future lifestyle.

Featured Image(above): Mike (Kanga) Daley (L) and Colin Dangerfield of The Vietnam
Veterans Association presented Renee and her daughter Dylan with a cheque for $500

Whilst having now been successful in raising the funds for an assistance dog, Renee now has to afford the quite substantial costs that she will incur in the future and these include paying to stay in Brisbane during her daughter’s surgery and recovery and this has now come to the attention of the Vietnam Veterans Association. At a recent meeting of Association members, it was decided to help Renee with these expenses with by providing a very generous donation of $500 and this was presented to her at the Vietnam Veterans Association Dust Off Pad in First Avenue earlier this month.

When Association President Mike (Kanga) Daley handed Renee the cheque, he remarked that although the amount was only small, he hoped it would be of help and Renee commented that in this situation, every dollar counts. President Kanga told me that the donation to Renee and Dylan was made possible through the support that the Association received at their regular sausage sizzles. ‘We are incredibly grateful to the community who support us and, whilst much of our funds are used to help veterans and their families, whenever possible we endeavour to show our gratitude by supporting local causes,’ said Kanga.

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