Photography has Always played a big Part in My Adventurous Life


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All my interests and activities are directly linked to it. The great outdoors has been my playground all of my life. Nothing beats camping under the stars in a remote location. Apart from being dragged around the ocean by a meter plus-sized long tail tuna. Or standing on top of the mountain with a breathtaking 360-degree view. These are the moments that are best remembered in a picture frame.

Subconsciously, I have always taken photos of exciting places and incredible people, only to remind myself about this memorable moment. And even though this is still the primary reason I do take photos, advanced technology allows me to share and remind everyone else about the beauty of this planet too. Mother Nature’s marvel is simply extraordinary. The impact of this virus on humans is devastating. On the flip side of the very same coin, flora and fauna are flourishing. I have noticed and captured more freely animal behaviour on many occasions. It feels great.

Dolphins and whales swam alongside and under my kayak not long ago. Lucky for me, I often had my camera in hand. Here in Australia in particular, one doesn’t need to go far to be outdoors. Australians are spoiled for choice. I believe we should have a closer look in our own backyard and discover what really goes on. It is quite a spectacle.

Exploring different cultures, different natural habitats and everything that comes with it has been my motivation to become the adventurer and naturalist that I am. I learned early to think outside the box. And that’s where I feel most comfortable. Security and comfort are what most people yearn for. Those factors have the opposite effect on me. Challenging myself on daily basis in unfamiliar environments still is the thriving force within myself. I was born in Namibia and lived my first eight years of childhood in a scarcely populated country.

My school education finalised in Germany, as well as my qualifications as an artisan baker and pastry chef. Germany is a leading force on education and traditional artisan baking products. These attributes allowed me to work and fund my travels all around the world. This gave me the advantage to explore and live within cultural and natural aspects, whilst saving money for my next journey. A fabulous combination that suits my lifestyle well.