sever storms queensland

Showers and thunderstorms will start developing over the ranges this afternoon with some of these thunderstorms becoming severe.

The possibility of large hail, frequent lightning, heavy rain, and strong to damaging winds may form.

The situation:

A low-pressure trough extends down into southern Queensland combined with an upper-level trough. These two factors in combination with high humidity, moisture and heat are going to produce widespread rain and thunderstorms across much of SE Queensland.

These severe thunderstorms are more likely from just north of Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Microbursts are likely, these intense, sudden downpours of extremely heavy rain cause destructive wind gusts that develop from the heavy rain, extending outwards.

Video of a microburst from YouTube.

Please be prepared for severe thunderstorms with accompanying severe weather.  Storm development will be explosive and storms can become severe within minutes.

Keep an eye on the BOM radar or visit Higgins Storm Chasing or South Brisbane Storms for live updates and news.

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