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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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A discussion between Bribie Island Kindergarten Director Narelle Dawson and Bribie Island Community Art Centre Venue Manager Julie Thompson has resulted in the creation of a wonderful new concept to coincide with the centre’s regular Artist of the Month display. Commencing this month will be a “Children’s Artist of the Month” and to introduce the concept, Narelle has had her group of twenty-two “Turtles” each draw a self-portrait while looking in a mirror.

Featured Image(above): Israel has drawn a picture of his Bribie Rocks collection

Each of the works has been laminated and framed along with a photo of the artist and a small comment on what each of the children saw in their faces. Art Centre display team Sabine Von Graz and Carol Smedley have hung the works on the walls at the centre and the display also includes a picture which one of the children drew of his Bribie Rocks collection. All who have seen the display have commented on just how much talent is demonstrated by the four-year-olds.

On July 12th, Narelle and her assistant will accompany their Indigenous “Uncle Ron” when he takes the children on a walk through the bush track beside the Art Centre and this will be followed by morning tea on the grassed area in the centre courtyard. Parents and other family members will join the children for the morning’s activities and organisers are keen to take the children inside the centre studios where they will be able to see and talk to members of the various groups who will be working there.

BICAS display team Carol and Sabine with the children’s art

Narelle says that the self-portraits celebrate the uniqueness of each child and the placement of them together on the wall creates a visual representation of a community of learners. She remarked that the children are thrilled to see their art in a “real” gallery and they are beginning to understand how artists operate.

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