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By Richard Whetlor


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I once bought a sewing machine at a local garage sale a few years ago on Bribie island and took it home, I decided to have a play with it, I found some material that looked like a typical pair of jeans and decided to make the kids a bag each x 3, complete with strap and their names embroidered onto one side, it was great fun!

Sarah Pendal knows exactly what I mean, as she received her first sewing machine at the age of 15 and has been a seamstress ever since, creating quality handmade products and accessories. Sarah has recently made a bold move to set up her own workspace and shop at her Godwin Beach home and it looks really cool, with draped ceiling fabric and an array of products that she has made, so I went to see her and the newly finished shed, which I might add looks awesome!

Pop into the MBK Design shed and take a look at what is on display from personalised school, kids and baby stuff and she also has a range of drink bottle covers, named towels, swim bags and clothing, there is not a lot this talented woman can’t make or fix. Alterations, repairs and custom orders too. Do you have items of clothing (like I do), where the zipper has broken or the button has popped off or a caravan mattress that requires custom sheets or a pair of pants that need taking up or some cushions that need covering?

Sarah is the ‘go to’ place, working part-time she is dedicating 3 days a week at the MBK shed which stands for mumzbubzandkid! Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 5 pm. She is open to calls for a more tailored service if you need to drop off stuff to be fixed or altered out of hours but call first.

Feel free to pop in and see Sarah with your items in need of being ‘stitched up’ on the three days a week she is open for business, I know I will Sarah also mentioned she has been looking after her customers while they wait for repairs to be done, so you can relax with a cup of tea or coffee and she will be busily whizzing your items through the sewing machine while you wait!

Check out her Facebook page MBK Designs for before and after photos and more information on the products and services that Sarah offers along with the 30 plus years of experience. So don’t forget to go and check out the MBK shed and Sarah’s range of products that are all handmade locally or contact Sarah on 0423 788 747.

We wish you all the best with your new venture from The Bribie Islander team, good work!

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