Bribie Gleemen’s recent “Waggle of the Kilt” concert

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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Reports from all who attended as well as everyone involved in the presentation of the event have confirmed that the Bribie Gleemen’s recent “Waggle of the Kilt” concert was one of the best that has ever been held by the well-known group of singers and this has resulted in a very welcome donation to the Bribie Moreton Hospice Service.

The concert, which was held in the Recreation Hall, featured an afternoon of songs with a Scottish theme and in keeping with the theme, Tom Kimmet accompanied the voices of the Gleemen with his bagpipes. Profits from the concert totaled an outstanding $1,500 and members of the Bribie Gleemen and the Bribie Moreton Hospice Service were there to see Bribie Gleemen President Don Keith hand over a cheque for that amount to Hospice Service Secretary Maree Cunningham outside the Hospice Op Shop last month.

On accepting the cheque, Maree said that the funds would be used to support the Palliative clients in the Hospice Suite. Bribie Moreton Hospice Health Service is well known for the wonderful support that they provide to those with chronic or other life-limiting conditions and also their carers. The organisation relies on funding by community groups such as the Gleemen.

Anyone who requires further information about the service can send an email to Maree. [email protected] or call Maree on 3408 0229 for details.

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