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Dear Editor, I wish to apologise to anyone who took offence by my actions during the 2017 ANZAC Day Parade. I am at a loss to understand why no one contacted me with their concerns then or in the following 12 months. My actions were not intended to offend, nor were they political. These flags are displayed in every Commonwealth building in Australia. I attend ANZAC Day services to honour Australian and New Zealand service personnel’s sacrifices to give us the lifestyle we enjoy. I am a decendent of war veterans.

And I further acknowledge the additional hardship faced by the indigenous servicemen that returned who could have a drink in a pub when in uniform but when they were in civies they were refused a drink due to the entrenched racism at the time. The good news is that some sympathetic Kiwis have given me a large New Zealand flag for next year to represent the NZ on ANZAC Day. I am pleased to see the R.S.L. has gone some way to encourage the Aboriginal community by supporting a local Aboriginal artist. But what of the children who got up early, put on their best clothes and were excited to take part in the parade in the vintage car as they had done so in previous years? What a memory for them.

To be knocked back at the start and being told they couldn’t have the flags and being photographed in the car by police as though we were terrorists. I thank many in the community who were also shocked at the treatment we received. The facts are my entry in this year’s parade was accepted. The secretary was told my name and that I was entering a vintage car prior to the day. Then, without any advice to me, had SES and police enforce an order to stop my car from entering the Parade.

I have spoken to the officer in charge of Bribie Island police. He stated this matter has to be sorted out before next year’s parade. I have written to the R.S.L. to begin this process.

Justin McCarthy, Banksia Beach Ex-member of the CMF, RSL Member

Dear Editor, Enjoyed your article on the UCG for the Army. One thing that is not mentioned in any history on the mission is that the Troops were inserted and extracted by an integrated US/Australian Navy Helicopter Company. Myself and several other RAN aircrew were involved with this mission This unit was the 135 Assault Helicopter Company (AHC) which was totally integrated with the RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam (RANHFV). More on this unit can be found On the RAN Vietnam web pages. The RANHFV has also been recommended for the UCG.

Cheers Ray Godfrey

Dear Editor, I am old enough to have learned good grammar at school. I often cringe at some of the grammatical and punctuation mistakes in local papers. You will be happy to know that your paper is not one of the worst. However, I found two glaring punctuation mistakes in the last edition (Issue 17) of the Mini that have forced me to write to you. They are both in HUGE letters which makes them more obvious.

On page 8 “It’s the PUG’s” and on page 11 “The Mini’s are here” both use an apostrophe s (‘s) for a plural. It should be PUGS and Minis. The apostrophe is used only to show that a letter has been left out (It’s for It is) or to show possession (as in Wright’s Fruit Barn). When there are a number of things (PUGS), there is no need for an apostrophe. End of lesson – but I’ll be watching closely next time!

Cheers, Joy

Dear Editor, Many print lines & TV conversations have taken place in the last few weeks on this subject! Today I checked the Price off Singapore crude, it stands at around US$80.00 a Barrel. Back in 2014, we were paying $1.57 a litre & a Barrel of Singapore crude was at that time US$ 114.00!!!! Today we are being ripped off in no uncertain terms by these Multinational fuel companies with a litre costing around $1.60. How can they justify this rip-off, given these facts???

Yours, Bill Hinte.

Dear Editor, Shop Locally and do business locally. I’ve always tried to do this but recently I entered the Telstra Shop in the Woolworths complex to pay my phone bill and was told “Come back in an hour’s time.” What! Just to pay a simple phone bill. I rang Telstra (main office) and was told ‘This is their new policy’. Even just to pay my phone bill

Patricia Simpson

Dear Editor, Recently I had trouble with my shower floor leaking – was fixed and ended up having it completely tiled as well. What a pleasure it was to do business with Brad from ‘Bribie Island Plumbing’ . Nothing was a trouble, even cleaning up after himself. Many thanks Brad.

Patricia Simpson

Dear Editor, My husband Brian Rackley turned 70 on May 12 and you put in a photo of the two of us in your paper. We would just like to thank you for that, we really appreciated it. He was so proud to see his photo I believe he told the man on the phone that he is going to let you know when our 50th wedding anniversary is on. Ha ha. Thank you so much.

Cheryl Rackley xx

Dear Editor, I was so pleased with the article you put in the paper about Bribie Lodge No 520. and it was read by many people who enjoy your paper. The response from the article has been very positive.

Denise Leth, Bribie Island

Dear Editor, Is it any wonder that pensioners should feel that their health is regarded by their Government both at a State Level and Federal. I am suffering from collapsed discs in my lower back (which give pain 24/7) even though I am four heavy-duty painkillers. I have been categorised as Cat 2 and have been waiting over 9 months to just see a specialist let alone have the corrective surgery.

The Hospital seem insensitive to my calls when I enquire about when I will be seen and informing them that the pain is spreading down my leg and I am having times when my leg gives way without warning. I use a walking stick even in the house to get from one room to another including the toilet. I have considered putting a piece in the newspaper for a wealthy or rich person to donate the money to go private.

I was able to go private 8 years ago but sadly do not have the money due to being scammed (that is another story). My biggest fear is that due to the delay I could end up with more damage to my spine and discs. Perhaps if we spent less sending aid to other countries (mean the ones where it is political rather than necessity) and used it for our own Citizens we may not have a third world Medical system I forward a copy of this to our PM for his attention.

Regards, Farlie

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