Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre – The Soup is too good

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre

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As an organisation which is arguably one of the most proactive in providing support to the needy within our community, the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre regularly distributes food to many people each week and therefore is always in need of top-ups for both their pantry and fridges/freezers so when a delivery of soup from the Two Good Company arrived recently, the centre volunteers and management were overjoyed. The Two Good Company is a revolutionary organisation which was founded ten years ago with the mission of being the national provider of beautiful food to domestic violence refuges and soup kitchens in Australia.

Featured Image(above): Volunteers Kay Brennan (L) and Jacqui Jackson were kept busy putting away the delivery of soups.

Founders Rob Caslick and Cathal Flaherty, who are both working engineers, came to realise that one of the most debilitating issues with domestic violence is that it strips victims of their self-worth so the pair made a commitment to show the victims that they are worthy by doing something special. In their operation, they employ women who are from the refuges that they support. After the delivery truck had left, volunteers Kay Brennan and Jacqui Jackson helped centre manager Cecelia Taylor and counsellor Lindy McAndrew to fill the fridges and freezers with the packages from the many cartons.

Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre

The soup from the Two Good Company looked delicious

The Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre is at 9 Verdoni Street in Bellara and is open Monday to Thursday from 9 am until 3 pm. The centre offers a diverse range of services including emergency relief and counselling as well as several courses throughout the year. For information about what is available or to find out about becoming a volunteer, 3408 8440 is the number to call.

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