Representatives gather at the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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Representatives from a number of organisations gathered at the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre during May for an afternoon meeting to discuss ways to assist the needs of those within the community who are at risk.

An initiative which has been facilitated by Neighbourhood Centre Manager Cecelia Taylor, the May get together was the third meeting of the group and, as the format can best be described as an opportunity for networking between the various agencies, the group has now been given the title of “HAND” which stands for Helping Agencies Network Development. The Rotary Club of Bribie Island, BIDCA, the Wallum Action Group, and the East Pumicestone Community Association along with the Anglican Church, and of course the Neighbourhood were all represented at the meeting and, after deciding on the official name and settling on suitable terms of reference, those present explained their focus and also their concerns to the group.

Members discussed their fundraising efforts and where they could best be directed and Neighbourhood Centre Counsellor Lindy McAndrew took time to talk about the work at the centre and the current trends as experienced by centre staff. Lindy also pointed out that, as the resources at the centre were dwindling rapidly at present due to the approach of financial year end, there was a need for added pantry items as well as swags which could be issued to the homeless who rely on the centre for support.

After a discussion about how often the “HAND” meetings should occur, members decided that this should be on a trial two monthly basis. The networking of the member groups is seen as a great way for agencies too become aware of who can offer which services and therefore be able to refer someone to the right place. As well as offering a wide range of support to people who are at risk, the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre can offer clients counselling services, both for personal and family issues) as well as debt relief and addiction.

Other services available at the centre include access to Centrelink, legal services and even tax return assistance at the appropriate time of year. As a very important way of boosting funds, the thrift shop at the centre has a large array of pre-loved items which are all available at a low price. Anyone who would like to find out more about the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre can either give them a call on 3408 8440 or pay them a visit at 9 Verdoni Street in Bellara. The centre is open each weekday except Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

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