Celebrating Queensland Seniors – 15-23 August 2020


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Around this time each year I’m usually busy arranging cakes to deliver to our wonderful Seniors in aged care. This year will be a little different due to COVID-19. Instead I’ll be giving away 15 beautiful gift hampers to some very special and deserving seniors.

I really want to honour the outstanding and valuable contributions that older people make to the Pumicestone Electorate and so I’m asking you to nominate a senior who deserves some special recognition for the great work they do in our community.

Please email your nominations to pumicestone@ parliament.qld.gov.au and be sure to include their full details so I can deliver the hampers during Seniors Week – with a great big Pumicestone smile! Warm regards, Simone #lovepumicestone #QSW20

Show Respect for Your Elders
When you see an elderly person looking for a place to sit,
Get up and offer your chair so he or she can sit in it.
When you see a senior citizen trying to open a heavy door,
Hold it open yourself;
don’t let that senior struggle anymore.
When you see an elder anxiously trying to cross a busy road,
Help him or her across;
you’ve no idea of the gift you’ve bestowed.
When you see an elderly person sitting quietly alone in a park,
Stop and strike up a conversation;
your kindness will surely leave its mark.
When an elder speaks to you,
try to focus and listen,
There’s often wisdom in those words that you just might be missing.
Let’s show our elders we respect and honour all that they’ve lived through.
Don’t forget that if we’re lucky,
someday we’ll be elders too.